Earthbound-ro (EB-Ro)

Started by Mnemosyne, Dec 14, 2012, 10:32 AM

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Earthbound-Ro (eb-ro) is the most addicting private server i have played out of all the others i have tried, It is stable for US, Europe, Canada and Philipine players. The economy is great.  The community is friendly and continues to grow. Can't wait for WoE  to start because i know it is going to be AMAZING. The guild package is awesome, my whole guild was able to commute over happily thanks to this. All classes and donations are very well balanced and the GM team dedicated and continually working hard for the players that dedicate time to the game. Server has ventrillo for the "hardcore communication" gamers,  plenty of both automated and non-automated events that are well worth the reward, but what i can't stress enough that really makes the server the best mid rate in my opinion and makes me choose eb-ro over ALL other servers, Is the fact that the rates match the max high level and max ASPD, and the pace of leveling and hunting is just as the server should be " Mid Rate "
Overall i give eb-ro a 9/10 and definitely recommend  it to anyone whos searching for a good server to join themselves or bring their guild to.


 /ok Mnemosyne, I would have to agree with you completely and fully. I have the same imo feeling as you do, but the FACT of the matter is that this server, with all of its downs and ups, the fact is, that after 5 years, it is still here. What other server, do you know that is brave enough, and skilled enough, to still use the same name, have the same Head GMs? Ebro, is on of the oldest, ran by the same GMs server around.

I am so happy that this server is back up and running, and will make this server my home, and think you should too.