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Started by ayunii, Dec 25, 2020, 11:14 AM

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I've played on many servers, finally survived on this server (Gather Ro Classic).

Many of the players were very nice and friendly, as well as the GM. very good. many events are held at Gather Ro Classic.
Social media events also exist. such as fb tag n share, guild migration, etc. The prizes are also very good and very helpful.

At Gather Ro Classic Server is very stable, GM staff is very active to ensure there is no cheating, bots, and other ways to ensure fairness in playing.
At gathering ro classic you have to play to win, there is no pay to win. exciting right?

Balance server,
Although this classic server many improvements in this Gatherro.
Like hat quests, equip set quests, weapons with options, etc.
However some are ensured and noted for balance.
Great PvM options, with multiple ways to use multiple classes,
We can go on an adventure and try new things.

What's interesting about Gather Ro Classic is the donation system.
All donations will be paid to poor people.
Donation money is not for GM, server fees, etc.
So we can play while doing charity.

But maybe still need a lot of promos and shares.
Server people can know how good this server is.
Still need players to enliven PVP and WOE.
If this server is crowded, pvp and woe will be very exciting because of the classic concept and server balace.
And also many poor people will be helped because of our donations

Over all Gather Ro classic is great.
Let's enliven and nostalgia together.


Please comment on what ro server you want to play.

Or have you been playing ro,
which server? why are you playing there?

/ok /ok /ok
/lv /lv /lv


The charity thing is a bit questionable considering they offer VIP and overpowered stuff as a "guild migration" reward.


Talking about money and charity is very sensitive. I've been playing on Gatherro for 2 months and they often explain all the details.
I will explain as best I can.

- Gatherro server contributed from devloper for free. This is for the server and the host.
- For websites created and designed by players who happen to be able to make the web, and it's free.
- For gepard 3.0 too, there are some players who donate to buy the original license.
- And the toughest task in my opinion is a GM gatherro. He manages this game and also the donation money too.
So a gatherro was built from some kind people, who aimed to charity and help the poor.

For vip or vip members.
if you donate at gatherro you will get cash point 1: 1 in rupiah.
if you donate 100,000 rupiah you get 100,000 cash in game.
If you donate in dollars or other currencies, it will be converted into rupiah and you will get cash points.
and with cash points you can buy VIP, Costume, Buff, etc.
Cash points are just a bonus or a thank you from GM. Your money will still be charity.

For the migration guild too. it is an event from GM to invite kind player players to play on Gatherro.
There are also many other event events. We can check it at the Gatherro website.

Hopefully my answer helps, thank you very much bro, waiting at the Gatherro community

Chaos Ragnarok

looks like self review for me, donation and charity review  /heh


just visit their website, many photos donations and charity in gallery.

or u can regrister , join and play with me in this server  /no1.

And I hope u can take kindness from gatherro  /lv


I play in this server because their donation concept. The donation for charity.  /lv /no1


wow you are the good people bro. thank you very much to join our family