Forsaken RO (Ratings 3/10)

Started by hyperx804, Nov 15, 2020, 02:56 AM

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Forsaken RO has to be one of the most overrated Ragnarok Online private server. Don't be mislead by the promotional banners posted and the so called "balanced" aspect of the game as it is literally a pay-to-win game and the GM of the game doesn't even give a damn about any question you have. One of the GM named Genesis might just be the worst of all.

Imagine completing a quest which requires tens of thousands items that takes up weeks or even months to complete only for the final part of the quest to ask you choose between
1) Donation (pay up 30-50 USD), or
2) Non-Donation (another round of farming)
and the quest reward item you get by choosing Non-Donation is far inferior to the Donation version. 

They don't communicate with each other and when certain questions are asked, they all give different answers. The GMs are not as friendly as they had advertised especially one named Genesis who happens to be a very rude and egoistic individual that doesn't give a damn about anything you ask and will just ignore you whenever you have questions even though he has the audacity to post his discord at the main town. He acts all high and mighty despite players trying to give constructive criticism. If they know you are free-to-win player, they straight up doesn't care about you. However, it is a different case if you ask anything about donation, their response will be fast and you get immediate answer.

Zeny plays no part in this server. It's literally worthless because the main currency in this server is "Forsaken Token" which of course is a donated currency that requires USD. There is no vending aspect in this server because zeny will get you nowhere and the worthwhile items are all sold at "Forsaken Token".

There is no balance in this game. Every single thing of this game is purely pay-to-win. There are many types of raid in this server but none of them can be completed with free-to-play players. Even if you gather a party of decently geared free-to-play player, you might still fail the easiest raid of the game while a donation player could just solo and steamroll the whole raid within 10-20 minutes. Some of the quest even requires you to complete more than one raid as part of the quest. So what it means is that a free-to-play player wouldn't be able to complete the so-called "questable custom item" because you are unable to clear the raids. All of the in game events like WoE, GvG, PVP, PK, Battleground, Quest, MVP-Hunting, and item farming are all dominated by donation player and free-to-win players enjoy zero fun of it.

Player Base:
Again, don't be mislead by the constant showing of 500-600 players. Most of the players are just vendors and sub-characters of the same player. I have seen players who AFK-ed up to 5 players at the same spot and open more than 5 blacksmith to vend. The real active player base of the server is less than 100. You will see that most of guild WoE are won by the same guild repeatedly and there is no competition except for the same 2 guilds.

Pay-To-Win server. Misdirecting false advertisement about the player base and balance of the game. Irresponsible and rude GM who only cares about your donation. There are many servers out there that are better than this server. Don't waste your time and money on a server that does not respect and care about it's own players.