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I have been playing Ragnarok in general for over a decade and hop around many servers due to them shutting down or getting really stale due to lack of updates...

I stumbled on DreamerRO because it's one of the top servers featured on Ratemyserver, and what caught my attention was their website!!! I know it sounds weird, but to me, you can tell if the server is well kept or not based on the detail and organization of their website layout. You should check it out... playdreamerro.com

I decided to give it a try and like many times when you start fresh you'll be lost as hell... not knowing where to train, make money, etc... but lucky their Forum is amazing!!! It's very well organized and active! I was able to find guides for everything and had help with questions through their chat system on the forum. Also, in the game through their @request system with many active Support Players and GM, I got a lot of quick feedback and help... plus one of the support players at the time became my mentor and spent hours talking me through the game and damn... he was rich!! I looked up to him ever since and hoped one day I would be able to achieve his accomplishment. I have been playing on this server for nearly 7 years now and damn... all the friends you make, all the drama you get into, all the GM events that they host... It has truly been a journey!

Because of the simple system that this server has built (website design, forum, active SP/GM) that would just ease you in and then when they sucked you onto the server, you then realize how awesome this damn server really is! There's like years worth of content to do... From their unique character development system of making your character to become a Hero (take weeks!!) then to Elite Hero; to their endless way of making money through their open market vending system (hundreds of stores), Bosses, Raids, Instance, Daily Quest, Zeph, Mining! (that's right mining!), Forging items (actually useful end game equipment), Awarded points for gears through PVP, Battle Ground, WoE, and much more.... Like holy... I can see why I stayed on this server for so long...because I can see the result of all my hard work because this server only had ever rolled back once from my 7 years here and it was about a 1-2 day rollback... and never any wipes at times when I had to stop playing for months (the worst feeling... when all your hard work is lost =,=)! The honest best part about this server is the PVP system! Every item is balanced and if it's not they have their own PvP consultant team (made out of actual players) that will discuss with the staff to see what's best... I hopped around every character because no matter what you pick you are still able to do well... given some characters are naturally better.

And if you are into Customizing your character and spend hours on end making your character look sexy and go afk like me =) you will fall in love with this server... They have a system that you can make ANY... ANY item you wear custome meaning that the item you make into custome will be your looks! Thus, there is literally an endless combination of looks... This server is so colorful because of that! It has over a thousand custom headgears I had never seen on any other server... And skin colors and even a custom aura stylist!

Throughout the year Ragnarok as a whole is dying but this server is still able to survive and continue to grow... I have seen so many people come and very few leaves. It truly a great server, you can tell the owner and the GM staff team put a lot of effort into substantive this server! You can tell that this server is continuously updating in real-time because as this CoronaVirus pandemic is going on the GM and developer team decided to make a big Coronavirus Awareness Event to farm, new gears, unique and entertaining mini-events, and awards! They went out of their way to completely make a new event from scratch and were able to implement it smoothly... I am glad that this server has such great GMs and developers!

Overall, I have to say the best feature about this Server is its community... People help each other out here and there are many super-rich people giving away highly needed quest items to new players like candies! The community is what makes the server... and this server is blessed to have it all; both the community and the amazing staff team!

If you are looking for a new server to start, spend work and effort in without fear of losing it after a few months..you must try this server! The coronavirus event that is running right now is a very quick and easy way for newbies to reach end-game much quicker than normal!


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Name another High Rate that has been up for 12 years without wiping and re-branding... I'll wait!

The best part is that even after the 12 years the server is still growing.. from 500 to 900+ in the last 3 weeks. A lot of the vets that have played during those 12 years are returning now.. i guess because of the coronavirus event going on and they see server is very lively right now.

I don't understand why people waste time on servers and then all their effort is gone after a few months or a year. In this server some people that played 10+ years ago (2010) are returning and finding their accounts intact! That's pretty remarkable I would say! Imagine playing with the character you grinded when you were 16 and now log back in after you are 26 and everything is the way you left it.. except of course for all the new content and features that have been added to the server recently!

Invest your time wisely people! Time is money!


Hello peeps, it has been years I've been with DreamerRO and still counting, since it's the only server I enjoyed the most and it feel's like home to me.

GMs and support players in this server are super friendly and active in answering questions, even they're willing to spend time to guide a lost player. Lots of active event from automated, GM event, and to seasonal events allowing you to exchange those prizes you won for high end items to close gaps quickly with veterans. Battleground are now super active as well with lots of players joining and classes are well balanced here. There's heaps of custom core quests, instances, and custom MVPs here that'll keep you occupied in game all the time. Communities here are friendly and fun to chat with once you got to know each other, just don't be shy and ask around!

A chance is all DreamerRO needs for you to experience it's truly uniqueness of this server and you'll know why there's lots of returnees and dwellers in DreamerRO.


@jacobo_bobo agree with u time is money, after they release fortuna card this game its imbalance better quit for this game!  !   !