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Started by burdog, Apr 25, 2021, 03:24 AM

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I had lots of fun when i started playing in this server their battlegrounds, quests and bossnia are addicting. The community in general are friendly and helpful to newbies but of course there are also some toxic players just like in every ragnarok servers out there.

But unfortunately this server has some problems that is hurting my in-game experience to the point that i am now loosing interest. For example the balancing, players with MVP cards are hard to kill and that's a given in any server, but players with mvp cards plus costumes that has OP demi-human reductions are ridiculous, seriously you can literally have a character with a 114% or more demi-human reduction.

I do not know what the GM's are thinking by adding these OP costumes. there is nothing wrong about costumes with stat effects(str+1, dex+1 etc) as long as it maintain it's balance. it appears that they don't even test or consider the consequences of this ideas before adding it.

If they continue with this route every player in the future will be immortal and you can't do anything about it except watch and loose some braincells.

MVP cards are working in their BG, so prepare for some unbalance BG experience. Also Everything are dead right now, you want to play bossnia? Too bad there is only one guy who manages the bossnia party if he doesn't feel like doing it well sucks for you just sit there and stare at your character bc you can't do anything about it.

You want to play BG? too bad nobody's joining. you want to play WOE? Too bad there is only one guild in the server and nobody's opposing them so no GVG and challenging WOE just "defend" the castle and watch some flies flying around.

You want to play PVP? Guess what? Everybody's using mvp cards even if it is a 1v1 and you cannot defend yourself unless you have one.

Okay don't get me wrong im not here to bash or to hurt the server i am here because i want it to improve, Test first before you add something. I think there is still hope for this server but right now in it's current state It is better to play a super highrate server than waste your time and effort starting and playing.


i believe yes, that is really the current meta game, they did implement bg weapons, and that brings the damage nearly back to normal, if youre playing renewal I guess critical attacks do not pass through defense, weird /wah