Hata No Kokoro (Hata RO) Honest Review

Started by maxico, Sep 30, 2023, 10:10 AM

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Hello, Maxima here.
This is my first time giving a review about a server :D and in hope this could help someone that is looking a new home too. /no1

First, why i want to review this server? it is because i'm looking for a server that have a customization on skills, tons of headgear, single-client server, no donation, and more pvm contents. This server provides all of those criterias.  /lv

All class have some changes to make any build kinda doable to play such as Autocast Sage Build. Most of costumes very cheap here so it makes player can focus more on pvm contents like exploring dungeons or farming for better equips and card. GM is active and accept any kind of suggestion that can improve gameplay and not ruining the balance. As long as we can act respect here, GM is very welcome to any kinda of inputs. /ho

Since the server is new, the population still low only about 5 people for now, but they are very active and friendly to help any new comer here  /no1
Bugs for sure exist here but GM is trying his best to fix it  /ok
WoE scene not active yet since the server have low population.

Conclusion: in my opinion, the server is good for those who want to try not too slow but not too fast of low rate server (HataRO has 7x rates). This is perfect for those who doest have lots time to play and farm, but still want to have a decent pvm contents. With all the feature that serer has, I think the server has a potential for those who are looking new home especially for PvM player. Hope this review helps. Thank you  /no1


Is this KokoRO/Kokotewa's server?

What's the website or discord link?
Find me here:


ah it's different server :D.

here's the link of server discord

and here's the website link


Quote from: 2k2 on Oct 02, 2023, 04:26 PMIs this KokoRO/Kokotewa's server?

What's the website or discord link?


It's unfortunately not a new KokoRo.
"Classic" server with Renewal stuff, I'm out.


Quote from: OrcLordDaddy on Oct 03, 2023, 08:14 AMhttps://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=22303&url_sname=Hata%20no%20Kokoro%20Online

It's unfortunately not a new KokoRo.
"Classic" server with Renewal stuff, I'm out.

yep it's classic with renewal stuff :D but as a pvm player here and costumes enthusiast, this server is really nice xD not too easy to grind but also not too hard :D

party is active too ^^


adding more review here :D

there's also RP feature hre for any RPers that looking for that kinda of server ^^