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Started by myriad, Dec 02, 2012, 09:29 PM

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Server Ratings

Stability - 9/10
Like all servers faces issues with downtime's. Saying that there's always a Admin/ GM who will get the server up no matter what time it is for them. GM's/ Admins do an awesome job of fixing map errors/ sprite errors and anything that a new update might cause concerns for. We have players from Asia/ US/ Europe who rarely complain about latency.

Availability - 9/10
Once again in the past one year that I have played here very few downtimes. Weird thing is our community like server reboots, once in a while cause all the MVP's respawn .. 

Game Master Ratings

Friendliness - 9/10
All the GM's are approachable and never has anyone got into an argument with any player. There is no called GM high handedness that happens and that's just testament to how good  an admin Melanie (ADM BooBoo Kitty) is. I can safely say all the GM's are an extension of our Admin. You can talk with the GM's about anything. Oh and they are completely unbiased.

Availability - 9/10
Honestly i have never had any reason to ask a GM something even if its server specific for everything else RMS. But there are always GM's available for the various time zones. Helping people, fixing broken NPC's if any and anything else a clueless player to the server might need help with.

Helpfulness - 9/10
Once again Gm's are outstanding in more ways then one. They will drop everything that they are doing atm to help people out. No matter whats happening in their real lives sometimes the server takes priority.

Community Ratings

Friendliness - 9/10
This will be your primary reason for staying here. We have hands down the best community on any RO server (I honestly challenge anyone). Active forums, loads of players ingame ready to help out. Role playing (just started), forum events. etc. Oh and trolling on the forums is allowed. The community will and will be the only reason why most servers will do well in the end and ihRO is 75% there.

Eventfulness - 9/10
4 automated events, and loads of GM/ player hosted events. You can get donates from some of the events and sometimes even rarer stuff. All in all a great ice breaker when you wanna get to know the community.

Game-Play Ratings

Economy - 10/10
Very well balanced for a HR server. Nothing is hard to obtain donates/ customs/ BG gear. MVP cards are easy enough to get and most MVP's are camped 24/7, but then you also have a Bloody Branch NPC that allows you the freedom if you cant camp. There are numerous guides available on the forums that will guide you on how to camp MVP's/ making zeny and pretty much anything else that a new player wants/ needs. People give you loads of freebies ingame as well, mostly the veterans.

Guild Competition - 7/10
There are primarily 2 guilds that WOE. Guild competition is intense at times, but one sided most of the times. PvP outside WOE is pretty much non-existent, there are moments but they vanish at a blink of an eye.

Class Balance - 5/10 
Its hard to talk balance when your talking HR servers. So I wont bother delving into that topic, but there is one class that has been severely OP'd on the server and the admins taking way to much time to balance them out (3 months and counting).  This class can pretty much wipe out a guild of 10-15 well geared people in under 2 secs.

Final Rating - 85/100
Summarizing, this is an awesome server to play on no matter what kind of player you are Questor/ PvP/ Casual. Its just some things on the server take a monumental time to change now (never happened earlier). But if you truly love Ragnarok Online this is a great server to experience RO on.