Started by roque606, Nov 27, 2012, 09:09 PM

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So since I am having a trouble in registering an account for making a review of the server, I'd like as well to take the opportunity to
advertise the server which I am currently happy playing on.

The server information could be found here:

Currently, we are few. So I would like you guys to just even take a glance inside the game and try to play with us.

So a new player would think first what made this server differ from others, so we explore.
In this server only 3 donation custom item is made, as for now, but promised not to exceed by 5 custom item.
The Drop rate is fine 7% + bubble gum= 14% chance mvp drop card is really great. And 3rd jobs could handle mvp's even solo.
Freebies are Tao Gunka and GR card. We also have Gold Room to earn fast and my favorite-- refine refine refine!!!
It is a Pre-renewal server-- somehow we shifted to renewal but there are alot of bugs so we shift back.  /wah
It has proven that even a non-donator could withstand against a full donator player.

About the GM/Admin:
He is nice,-- to the fact that he takes perhaps less 4 hrs sleep monitoring the server testing for errors as for now.
He PM players and sometimes take a sit and have a talk for awhile. Very approachable  /no1.
And if theres one thing I would like to say to the gm, it should be-- " Keep it up! but don't over do it.

What only this server lacks? -- only players ! /ok