Defense Of Rune Midgard [DoRM-RO]

Started by banzimaru, Mar 08, 2014, 09:08 PM

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Hello World!

First of all, please bear with my English as it is not my mother language and im struggling right now. /wah

I'm posting here to share my review on a Midrate server called Defense Of Rune Midgard Ragnarok Online.

I played many different servers in the past years. But mainly focused my time on Aero, IntenseRO, and TalonRO but will also focus on DoRM-RO right now. I played AeRO because my friend asked me, I played IntenseRO because of its daily WoE, I played TalonRO because of its huge population and I will play on this server because of its jam-packed unique features. I found out about DoRM-RO server on the "Server Seeking" section located in this forum. Even though the population is quite small it seems that the community is friendly.

I decided to join this server because of many different factors. The most the got my attention was the unique Faction System though I haven't learn the full detail of this feature but the idea of it is awesome! The second one is the "EX Card" it is a Card that is like the monster card in-game but it has a twist. The card compounded will have a boost but will also take a nagative effects. One example is the Hydra Card in which it gives 20% more damage to demi-human but the EX Hydra Card will give you 5% more which is +25% damage to demi-human but will also cost you to receive a 5% extra damage from demi-human. Which I think is a balance feature. There are also lotsa custom quests for equipments. I also like the tricky quest that GM CCK showed me which he said that it is quite a long quest but the reward is cool. There's lotsa customization going around regarding with the quests.

The GM's are active and very welcoming. I just met GM CCK right after I logged on my very first character. The GM showed and toured me to the main town as if I was a tourist and he is my tour guide on a summer getaway. I also met the leader of our faction which is DaddyBir and gladly adopted me in his guild and my guildmates are also kindhearted who offer their help even though am not asking to them. Later on after a few hours another GM showed which is GM Heat and he's also a friendly and easy to talk person.

About the server's economy, it is still understandable because the population is still low. Atleast the GM are trying to keep the economy in balance as they are circulating zeny in the market. Zeny is still a factor as it is spent on NPC to buy a basic necessities.

So, here is my final verdict, I will give DoRM-RO a score total of 9 out in scale of 10 [9/10] as the server population is still low but later on as the server grows and hit a 50+ mark population I would gladly give it a perfect score of 10.