OrginalRo Review "My Opinion"

Started by Kenhikyo, Mar 03, 2014, 10:43 PM

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Hello i was a active OrginalRo player currently looking for a new server but here is my review on this server :)

Server info
10x/10x/7x basic npcs, one custom npc for all hats,quests

player count=100ish with 20/30 are merchants with 10/15 of them one players account., more troll's,rude players then nice helpful players, server lost about 200ish people from lack of help from admin,players being rude etc.

Items are to expensive for only have 100ish players, people wont negotiate.

Admin "Gms"
Admin is ban happy,not active,rude,not helpful, Recent Gms left server from admin refusing help.

Guild battles are not fun since most of the main guilds left server from lack of attention from admin.

No one is really ever up to partying and if they are it is like 1/2 people and that is it.

Rarely happen and if they do more bugs are put in then updates and admin never fix's them i noticed 1 update in 4months.

Only one automated event, Admin rarely puts events on and if he does it's only for players levels 140+ and that is rare if he puts events  i had 3 events in the 4 months i played.

Conclusion on server
My opinion on this server is!, it used to be a nice server when i joined as of 11/12/2013 until 01/01/2014 players were more helpful then the admin, admin will refuse he banned anyone "I got banned yesterday because i rated his server a 56, he asked why and i stated my opinion on server and why it is dying. admin cant handle the truth." If you try to help server admin will ignore you. "If you don't believe me try the server for yourself ask previous players that have left or got banned, hell originalRO got removed from rms for breaking rms rules.

56/100 for factors above ^^