Defense Of Rune Midgard (DORM) Ragnarok REVIEW Rate : 30x/30x/7x

Started by afifboy1993, Mar 08, 2014, 10:55 AM

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Hey guys.. I would like to share with all of you about a new server called DORM Ragnarok -- url removed by Triper --

Basically, it is the same like the normal ragnarok that I have played but in my opinion, I like this server because it is not really slow leveling yet not so fast.
And afterall, it depends on what class you are taking..

This server also gives you challenges and there are no over-powered gear so far..
What I mean challenges here is the challenge on farming items, becoming strong, killing MVPs together with friends, getting cards
About hp/mp recover, it is not a problem at all since they provide grapes and rice ..

For those who like challenges, you are warmly-welcomed to be here and play together with me..
Besides that, we still don't have any tops among us so all are fair and square..

We have WOE every week as well, and you guys can take over the TOWN.. It is FACTION VS FACTION ( GEFFEN VS ALBERTA ) if you get me

GMs also are online at least twice a day to make sure we are enjoying the game.. Very nice and friendly GMs..
So dun feel leftout or anything. Any questions you can ask the GMs.. :)

And my honest rating for this server is 9/10 :) You guys should experience by your own :)