Malawi Online

Started by Scotts, May 14, 2007, 05:14 AM

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Malawi Ragnarok Online has recieved a bad review from a botter who was found out, and got angry. Basically the GM is very friendly and the players know them on personal levels becuase of low playe rnumbers. WoE has Limited Rivalry because most of the Guilds are owned by people who have an alliance. the GM is always online pretty much (Maybe not specifically the GM Account) and players are friendly, provided you dont cheat or abuse (if you abuse you will be abused back, most likely, from 1 or 2 players)

Its a good server, and more people would mean more active WoE and a better economy, with 25/25/Modified rates it isnt hard but it isnt the easiest thing either (Personally 3 weeks for a 99 trans)