RAIRO; Without the roses.

Started by anybody, Mar 27, 2007, 08:29 PM

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In all honesty, people are blowing smoke. GM's are 'available' almost every day, however when they're 'available' expect to be ignored if you propose an issue or problem that will take more than a quick fix or two seconds to look over. Furthermore, when GM's are 'available', expect instead of issues and problems proposed, a Baphomet to appear in Pront Square, or the high powered classes, to receive extra skills to make them... more powerful. Expect a large case of "favorites" both in terms of classes and characters, and expect a lot of "complaining" about super-powerful guilds in WoE dominating the war, instead of said "under-dogs" getting off their asses and doing something about it; i.e. lvling. However, do not think this server is all bad and everyone is blowing smoke. Their is a lot of good; the GM's DO listen (when they're sober), and there is a lot of people willing to help "newbies". However, if you reach lvl 70+ and seek help, expect the common response: "Ask your guild.". Or the more common, "I'm busy. You should know by now." When you finally do manage to set your ground in the RaiRO society, though, once you past the rough voyage of Server Adolescence, it becomes quite good. People tend to respond a bit more, and are far more friendly. However of course, along the voyage expect to make a few foes. But eh, who cares about them anyways. There tends to be an over-all lack of "server donkey's" but don't be fooled. They ARE there. Somewhere... >.>. Most importantly, if you are seeking to join this server, pick nothing other than the common "Swordsman", "Acolyte", "Archer", "Thief", or "Mage" classes. The other guys are just there to look good and be killed.

Negativity aside, the server does possess a bunch of positive traits. All of the extra features of private servers, (Warp Agents, Stat Reset-ers, Class-Changers, ect.) do exist and are fully functional. A few small bugs exist with equipment and class-mixes, but that's to be expected anywhere. The server is pretty on par with class development and has every class available and functional, for the most part. Economy is rather slow and speratic but quickly growing, and it truly is a generally good place to hang out on your spare time. There are many guilds so your options are very open, whether you seek to join an established high-powered or an up-coming power. Sitting in Pront Square is perfectly acceptable, there's not too huge a push to lvl unless you're a competitive type. It's got a great balance of social and combative aspects, and after over 7-8 months of playing on the server I haven't generally seen too much to complain about. While the GM's do tend to horse around a lot, and I've seen a bit of "complaining" in that regard, do keep in mind people: ITS A GAME. The object is to have fun. Just because they are GM's does not mean they are only entitled to 24/7 seriousness. If you join the server with that in mind, and not that you are planning to become the War-Leader of a powerful nation, where RO is the "real world" and life is the game, then you will do very well here.

It may seem that I am against the server but I am not. I love it here. It really is great. Just because there are some things you do not care for does not mean you must hate it. If I didn't like it I wouldn't still be here. I also feel that you shouldn't be reading reviews where people are not being 100% honest, and simply attempting to attract more players. The point of this whole operation is to allow players a true view on a particular server. I'm granting both sides, something I've yet seen ANYONE do.

That said, yes you've all probably guessed who I am. If you haven't, excellent. I've done my job well.

-Anybody (somebody)