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Started by DestinyStargazer, Apr 07, 2007, 12:58 AM

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   Well here is some conclusion I want to make on that server since some of my complains in their (DarkPhoenix)forum always gets deleted... Alright here goes. That server is useless to go and to play in. Why is that? Um well let me tell you guys something there. In there a lot of things happen recently and it became more and more likely like hell rather then a place where you could have peace & quiet there while talking to friends. The old,nice and responsible GM's in there have been replace by the New,abusive and ignorant GM's and because why they replace it? Because the old GM's have lost in the unexpected "Test" the host has made. The host of the server is also an idiot and I can't deny that part too. He also thinks only his own and think the server and money is important than any other thing in his life epically his real life routine. I also blame the old host that is stupid enough to trust that guy.

  The players there also think they really strong in there. In addition to it they also have bad-manners and hot-tempered types of players. They will start to think their strong but after they get killed they would start mocking other players that have kill them. Ok thats my conclusion for now. I'll add it later if I have more information I gathered about this server