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Offline Crim

« on: Sep 25, 2008, 09:39 pm »
Although I have submited a short review with the server posting I felt like I didnt have enough space to fully express my thoughts. CruzRO is a server unlike any others to me. I have a hard time getting settled into any server for various reasons. Usually its because there is drama or unfriendly players, hacking, botting, corruption from the GMs, you name it. Suprisingly in the year or so Ive been with cruz I havent seen any of that. Evey player and GM alike I have encountered here have been extreamly nice and sociable. I always have plenty to do on Cruz as well when Im not sitting in town talking to people. Between all the quests and leveling up  as well as the events, I have no time that I must sit around doing nothing (though i still do but by choice lol). Though the GMs are not on 24/7 they are always poping in and out making sure everyone is doing alright. And besides the GMs you always have a player somewhere in-game that you can ask help from (as i said i have yet to find an unfriendly person on this server) and with the @who command you can see who is on so that you can PM someone if you need help. There are helper and info NPCs throughout the towns as well as many warpers and such for pvp, woe, guild wars, banker, you name it pretty much lol. Personally I find this server to be almost a dream from how fun and enjoyable it is.