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Before I begin, I'd like you to note that my server review on their RMS listing (and this post) are extremely accurate.

Beginning with stability and availability, the server is extremely unstable. On playing two hours, I get disconnected an average of about two times. That's about once an hour. I've asked a couple of friends, and they get disconnected a lot as well; it isn't only me. Availability is OK, several times I wanted to log on, and it was down. As for how long it takes to come back up, it has ranged from two minutes to half an hour.

The community. Friendliness is almost inexistent. When I first re-joined (after the server wipe and name change), I asked around what the max ASPD and instant cast DEX amount were. There were about ten clearly active people in the main town where I asked this, and nobody gave me an answer. I had to page through about eleven pages on the forums to find out what the max ASPD was, because their forum doesn't have a search function. Needless to say, I was irritated. I had to figure out the instant cast DEX amount on my own. There were a few other incidents where I was sexually harassed and called gay/lesbian in an extremely derogatory way. I reported these to the GMs, I even made a forums topic about it in their ranting section; nothing was ever done about it. It has been nearly a month now. People personally attack me on their forums almost daily, this includes the GMs. The GMs b**** and whine about me defending myself from others' personal attacks. There was another instance of another player stalking me around the forums and harassing me by posting rude, disrespectful posts directed at me. None of the GMs ever did anything, because she sucked up to them and was their "friend". Apparently I'm unwelcome and hated by the GMs and administrators, just because I don't suck up. A friend of mine made a suggestion on donation items, and was shot down by GMs. As for events, they also have become nearly inexistent. There used to be a lot of them. It kept the game more interesting, but now I'm lucky if I see even one every two weeks.

Oh boy, the GMs. Most, if not all of them, are corrupt. I'm not basing this off of nothing, I'm going to name several examples of their corruption. Firstly, there are 10+ GMs on the server. There is an average of 5-10 players on at a time. Many times, I see more than three GMs on. There used to be 20+, but after mentioning several times that there are way too many GMs for the server, I notice the list has been cropped. 10+ is still way too many for such a small server. However, the GMs that were supposedly cut still have their forum moderator privileges, their names are still colored, and I wouldn't be surprised if they still have their GM accounts. Moving on, most of the GMs will honor anyone that sucks up to them. An example would be the one I put above, about the player harassing me on the forums. Another would be when I PMed an administrator about another RO server advertised in a player's profile. It is stated in bold letters in the rules that advertising other RO servers is forbidden. The message was read, ignored, and the RO server link is still there as I write this. There are several more examples, but I don't have enough time to dig them up. Another example of GM corruption is when a GM used @jumpto to several people (including me), saying that he was "seeing what people are up to". I felt stalked, even though he apologized. As for availability, the GMs are available a lot of times -- but they don't do much. One of the administrators sits in town for hours on end, and ignores player inquiries. They're available, but very rarely helpful. The majority of the time, beneficial server suggestions are ignored.

Gameplay isn't that great. Economy isn't really there, I've only seen one person trying to vend, ever. I don't think anyone bought anything from him. With rates this high, it's almost inevitable; although I have been on other super high rate servers with a great economy. Guild competition is completely inexistent. One Wednesday during WoE, I took all of the castles within ten minutes. I had to leave for the rest of WoE, and nobody challenged me, or took a castle. All castles were empty when I took them. It was... well, boring. There's no point to WoE without competition. Balance there is also almost inexistent. There are a couple of classes that dominate others, and nothing is done about it.

I couldn't find a section to put this in, but the server installation was generally very sloppy. The installation contained a GRF and a data folder, it has only been recently fixed. The administrator denied ever putting the data folder in the installation.

There was much more I could have put here that I didn't. In short, I don't recommend this server unless you want to deal with unfriendly players, corrupted GMs and administrators, errors, and generally choppy, boring gameplay.

I'm not the only one who has experienced these things.

I'm sure I'll be banned from their server for posting this, but it isn't much of a loss.


Nice way of bashing a good server.

 Trolling users review


It isn't bashing just because you like the server. My post is 100% accurate. Please refrain from posting irrelevant, rude posts on my topic.

This topic was posted based on my own personal experiences, all review topics are. Just because you haven't experienced the same things, doesn't make them untrue.

I don't appreciate you disrespecting me for posting a review.


You won't be banned. That would be corruption.

Downtime: Sereon is proving pretty unreliable. Yet again, if people donated, we could afford another host with a dedicated server.

Community: Unfortunately some of our players are jerks. Not all though.

ASPD: Is and always has been 195. Since KeanFlow.

Search: Well, if people donated, we could afford a nice forum software.

Harrassment: I'll go take care of that now. Edit: Fixed.

Events: That's bull. You can't judge that unless you are on 24/7. Han is providing many events.

GMs: Fired all remaining inactive (all) staff, kept Keres and Xiao, and am rehiring. All current GM accounts are gone with the exception of Keres, Xiao, and myself. Better?

Bloodz/Zorro: It's been taken care of. He's gone.

Zael: He apologized, and you should have gotten over it.

Economy/Gameplay: Well, the economy is dead because we haven't gotten anything that can't be gotten normally into the game. There's no need to vend, but we're trying to fix that.

Installation: The data folder was used up until the end of BlueMoon. I have JUST TODAY uploaded the current Mini Setup, which does NOT include a data folder, only the GRF. It was down due to lack of downloads.

Anything else?


Thank you, I appreciate your post that wasn't made for the sole purpose of attacking me.

I was under the impression that the max ASPD is 195? It said so on the forums, and the most I've ever seen in my status window is 195.

As for events, I'm clearly only judging on what I've seen when I'm on. Recently, there has been a lack of events. There used to be more than there is now (when I'm on), which is what I'm basing my claim on. I'm on a lot.

I was unaware of the GM account confusion, I'll edit my post later when I have more time. I mentioned Bhaybee Lychee as an example, there have been other GMs in the past that ignored player inquiries as well.

I'll forward you the PM.

He did apologize, but it doesn't change the fact that I felt stalked. It says that he apologized in my OP. He didn't invite me to an event, though. I have a screenshot to prove it; and he admitted it on the forums.

Thank you for replying in a respectful manner, unlike the other poster in this topic. I appreciate it. :]


ASPD: Oh, it might have been 195. But once you get above 190, it's mostly the same.


Zael: I didn't know that, sorry. It was all in good fun though, not like he hates you or anything.

In all seriousness, tell me more of what should be done, and I'll try to do it. I have no life, so I came back to CMRO. I'll be the most active staff, likely.

Loki FortunaRO

Quote from: AceJay on Oct 22, 2007, 07:30 PM
Search: Well, if people donated, we could afford a nice forum software.

All the best forum software is free!  I've never actually seen any forum software that charges...

The two that I've used are XMB and phpBB.


A bit off topic, but vBulletin and self-hosted invisionFree charge.


Invision would be nice, though phpBB would be okay if we could find a decent theme. Eh.


This is utterly stupid. I came on to this server today to check it out for my GM application.

Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, though small, the community seems nice. There are a few over-powered customs, but thats true of almost every server. This is a complete bashing of a good server.

Like said, it would be corrupted to ban you, I wouldn't do it, and I don't think Paul would. However, just because you dislike a server doesn't mean you have to rate it horribly.

Its people like yourself that keep the game from progressing and from GETTING BETTER. Hate and stupidity is a virus. I've learned that.

I hope to bring a breath of fresh air into the game for whatever problems it has. And I most certainly look forward to being the new drink in the soda machine in terms of GM's.


Excuse you for not reading my posts carefully...?

I stated in one of my posts that I reviewed it on WHAT I EXPERIENCED. If you can't comprehend that, it isn't my problem. If you can also notice, which I'm not sure you're able to, all of the current GMs have been kicked. I reviewed the server from my experience there. I'll say it again: just because you haven't experienced the same things doesn't make them untrue. The server has clearly changed from the time I posted this yesterday morning. Read the forum post dates, if you can comprehend the English language enough to do so.

I don't appreciate you coming out of nowhere when you haven't even PLAYED THE GODDAMN SERVER FOR LONG ENOUGH TO FORM AN UNBIASED OPINION. I've played there for around five months now. Here's a newsflash for you: RO ISN'T GETTING ANY BETTER. The object of the game is the same as it was five years ago, when kRO was released: kill monsters, gain experience, level up. Do optional quests to waste more of your time. It gets boring easily. I don't like to watch anime, and I've heard the plot is based on it. So, I'm playing a game with no plot. Hooray? How technologically advanced. Wow. With the upcoming release of RO2... well, that's proof enough. In a few years, I'm pretty sure more people will be playing RO2 than the original. Who knows, official servers may even shut down if enough people lose interest.

My review was 100% unbiased, AceJay even told me most of my review was completely accurate.

If anything is utterly stupid, it's you. Yes, I refer to you as an 'it'. While you have the intelligence of an object, I will treat you like one. If you gain the intelligence and comprehension of a human being, I'll treat you as a human. It's simple. Post again when IF you gain common sense, and maybe I'll take what you say to heart.

Another FYI: It isn't a great start as a GM to begin by being disrespectful, rude, and a complete jackass when it comes to the players.

Congratulations, you've created a new level of immaturity and stupidity.


However, slandering the GMs is in the rules, therefore, you are warned. ANY offense after this will earn you a ban. Be careful.


This is off of the forums and server. You aren't responsible for that~
Another thing, I wasn't slandering a GM. He basically called me stupid, which provoked me.

Also, since I noticed something else on his post:

"However, just because you dislike a server doesn't mean you have to rate it horribly."

Can you explain to me how the HELL I'm supposed to rate it then? I was being completely fair in my rating, everything considered. I didn't give a low score in stability because the people suck. o___O People rate servers based on their experiences. That is a fact. Your post has no facts, so kindly do me a favor and gtfo of my topic.


You could just leave it alone and go to another server, am I right?


Quote from: AceJay on Oct 23, 2007, 08:26 PM
You could just leave it alone and go to another server, am I right?

I would think theres a bit more here than pure enjoyment. Its about ego, thats the main driving force here, in my opinion.

 Don't get personal please.