Crimson Daylight - WORST server ever.

Started by lune, Sep 02, 2006, 06:29 PM

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I played this server for over a month on both LR and HR server, and I think that this is the worst server i have ever been on. I played on HR server. The GM said it was out of beta, but the quests are not finished, errors are everywhere, and hardly any GM support and events.

Reasons why i dont like this server:

1) Their patch is HUGE. They don't use a .GRF so everything clutters up in your data folder, AND when you are patched, you still get sprite errors ingame. The GMs did not bother to fix this.

2) Their scripts and quests are broken. The scripter/GM leaves undone quests around and starts on new ones. The instructions on their quests are not very clear, for example, X monster is on 2 maps away, it says "few" maps away, and some instructions are even wrong. They have custom trades like skinning and tailoring, but the scripts are bad. Once you click on the skinning NPC, you are destined to be with a 50-100 weight skinning knife, and you can't get it off your inventory. I reported about it in the Suggestion Forum, and suggested the knife to be put in storage. This GM bit my donkey off with a "No. Thats it." Then i nicely asked, what about reducing its weight since int chars dont have much str, and she's like go tell this other GM. She clearly doesn't know the point of a Suggestion Forum. She just bites your donkey off if you are new, and wants to have the last word.

3) Their traveling system is retarded. They don't have any kafras that warp you to towns you haven't been to, and you have to take the ship/airship to get to certain towns and dungeons. The ship for example: You have to wait 8 minutes on the ship while it "travels" to the next destination. So if the route is like Izlude -> Sunken Ship > Alberta> Hugel > Turtle Island, and you want to get to turtle island, that's 32 minutes of waiting on the ship.

4) The GMs don't bother to put up any events.

5) The GMs sit in prontera whole day, and change into sprites that crash the players' client. They barely give any help.

6) The GMs DONT CARE for your opinions. They do what they want on the server and they want you to shut up about it. If you don't like it, leave. They told the players not to question them.

7) The GMs accuse you for breaking the rules even though their rules doesn't say anything about it. They just say you did. Then they kick/ban you.

8) They are prejudiced or whatever. I don't get it. A friend had Mexican Baby as his name and she demanded him to remake because it is breaking the rules. See screenies.

9) There is NO privacy in this server. The GMs read every message you type (because they ARE that free). In guild chat, party chat, whatever. This GM, Xosao, she will stalk you, and she will give you hell/ban you if you don't like her.

10) Read #9 again.

I seriously recommend everyone to stay away from this server.


i am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with them.


Sounds fun ;p j/k

I like the idea of their travel system but if it takes that long to get to one destination that's pretty messed up. i've always liked the idea of not being able to warp directly to somewhere unless you've been there before :p


3 - I actually like this travelling method. D:  It gives RO a more.. adventure-y feel to it.  It ruins the game to have a kafra service/warper NPC that just simply warps you to the map you wish to get to.  It's no fun being able to go anywhere in the world as a lv1/1 novice.

6 - I hate servers like this.  GMs need to realise that it's the players who make the server, not themselves.  Without players, they have no server basically.  It's important for any server admin to listen to suggestions from players.

8 - Nice attitude from the admin there, haha.  If that's how she treats her players, then I'm sure her server will die out in due time.  No one will want to join a server led by an abusive admin.


Nice server they have. Wow. I can't help but to praise them for their stupidity. XD

El Cid

Thanks for this...haha it sorta put a smirk on my face and a devious laugh in my soul....

Ok sorry for not making any sense.  That's a real s*** PR group.


Heh sounds pretty bad, i've been on a few bad servers in my time :(

That ship would annoy me to hell, as for adventure feel.. hmm if you have nothing else better to do then fair enough.

As for GM's sitting around town doing nothing but showing off all day, my god i hate that :\

Ah well thanks for the heads up.