CraveRO Hybrid

Started by Killuminati, Jul 25, 2009, 01:40 AM

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Wow my first RMS review. ;)

In my 6 years of playing Ragnarok, this is the one who cathed my interest.

CraveRO is the best Ragnarok i've ever played. I've been through many Ragnarok servers but this one is unique. The server rates is 1k/1k/50, [PK server]. A well made server, balance class, automatic events, Balance quest gears. There are Crave Coins(you can get it from Events) you can trade it to gears (like feather beret, redglass, sunglass[1], and many more).

The Admins/GMs are very friendly and helpful. They're not corrupt.

Sadly there's no Resetter, its good because it will test your skills in Ragnarok. Not the other server, you reset and reset based on your opponent ;)

This is a new server :D Small community at the moment ;) Friendly community..

Try it and you wont regret it ;)