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Started by Miyaz, Jul 17, 2009, 05:16 AM

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Hey guys i'm writing for CraveRo Hybrid ^____^ (My first time writing a review >w<)
I've played many servers before, such as FaithRo, AcRo, HiddenRo, etc. but this server, CraveRo made Ragnarok more challenging for me.
The rates for CraveRo is 1k/1k/50, it is a pk server, and there is everything but a restat/reskill (meaning you have to know what your actually doing while playing this server ;D)

The GMs here tryed to make CraveRo similar to iRo, and make everything equal to asure the community, that one person doesn't solo a whole guild during Woe(I hope).Meaning There will be alot of tactics between guilds and many interesting battles!!! There is also a Woe countdown sign that countdown when Woe Starts and when woe ends, This sign also warps you to the Town of the Woe area, but you still need to find the castle yourself  ;D

The GM here has many events, and auto events to make sure that we are not bored during their absents. There is also a custom quest to gain cute items that would make your character so kawaii  >w<!!! (These Quest are not impossible but will be very hard, bit they are so worth it) and don't worry guys, If you want cool items that make you awesome, there are items for you too. There are also Event items you can get by winning events. (These items consist of Feather Beret,red Glasses, this Fishy hat looking thing and much more)

CraveRo Hybrid is a fun server that just opened up not to long ago, and very few has joined >w<
Everything just started so you can have an edge when this family grows bigger,  ;D

The GM's and Admins there are very nice and we can joke about many things(life, etc.)  =P, They do not abuse their powers and corrupt the server.
At this moment the Gm there is having a Grand opening special event by having rates 10k/10k for everyone who joins and card rates are 10%!!!!  :D

4 days cycle woe schedule w/ custom Treasuers wow! - mini to global events - PVP Points with Prizes! unique fun KoE!  Nice GMs and players - and there's more coming! Join the new server and be one of the community early gamer and catch up for beginners prizes! don't left be out!

Only bad part of this server is There is no Reskill/Restat, but it's a way to test our knowledge of Ragnarok  >w<

I give CraveRo a thumbs up and a Shaka (Hawaii Girl)

I would really love to see you at CraveRo Hybrid, come down and play with us :D
We'll be waiting for you  ;D

Love Mayumi <3333


CraveRO Hybrid opened not too long ago.I, myself started playing approximately 5 days ago.

One thing I noticed (this may not be at all important, but) Downloading is a bit of a "problem" there isn't really a step by step procedure on how to download it.(considering this is a new "born" server, a step-by-step download guide would help for the server growth). *thumbs up*

Anyway, putting that aside...

I have much to explore in this server so this review may not be a detailed one. One thing for sure is that this server is very interesting, in other words it is fun and enjoying to play.This is a PK server which adds to some "spice" to the game play. There is no reset agent (atm, dunno if they have plans scripting such)another point that adds some intesity in playing right?.This allows players to do tests stuff/"trial-and-error or just basically testing your knowledge in RO *winks*GMs.... Hmmm.. They are pretty active, I give their friendliness and helpfulness a 10/10. They take action whenever player/s report a bug or w/e. And like Miyaz said, they are very approachable. You can talk to them about life or anything. They don't just talk about RO all the time.WOE is really really really fun! did I say really? yea i mean really fun. for a small population, I never thought woe would be interesting, but hey! i stand corrected. I'm not too sure of WOE schedules since im new and all, but there is a bulletin/sign in-game that tells you whether there will be WOE. Its like a count down /quote. There are also automated events to keep us busy, and i believer there are more updates to come. [really looking forward to it].

If I am having a "superb-time" with just a few population, guess how it would be more fun with a lot more eh? That is why I'm inviting all of you, in search of a potentially great server, to come and join us in CraveRO Hybrid. Think about it, if you join now you would have a lot of advantage, for one MVP hunt would be a piece of cake! Anyone would love that right?. So come and join us, We will surely welcome you with open arms. xD!!

~kita kits~