Corupted GM PacificRO

Started by Legato, Dec 29, 2007, 11:15 PM

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don't play PacificRO it is corupted, almost all the players have GR card and
the gm is the guild leader of the SEF guild it's not worth playing this server so i warn u guys now
and don't play this server play another lowrate server :'(

many ppl have left the server due to this reason so yea there is only 1 dominate guild now in that server
and it isn't really that great either 30 on for woe but 22 of dem are from the SEF


Screenies? =O
Also, you said GM, not GMs, are you saying there is only 1 GM on the server, or was this a typo?
From your description, this does sound like a bad server indeed, but you are just 1 of the 30+ players.
It may also help you to use proper grammar, punctuation and capitalization wise.