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Started by toohot22, Apr 24, 2013, 08:22 AM

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  Elitero ;D

This server is very dedicating, not much of players since I guess its still starting. Very fresh and original, it is not like some server where in the players are rude and the GM does not care about the players since they think about is how to load scripts, improvements and events. There is basically 3 Game master's who gives a couple of events time to time.

At first I was discouraged because there were some bugs but its good that the owner of Elitero really listens to the players concerns and does something about it right away. Some players are rude at first but as you try to know them they will actually give you items and help you in leveling & they are really good friends

since I am GMT+ 8 and the server is in GMT there is a bit problem in the time but still the GM stays with us even though its already late at their place.

As like other server's something are said but not yet done, expect the unexpected from this server.
Some of its data is also based from RMS so cheers when you need combination guides you can find it here in RMS forum. ;D ;D

My review based out of 10.

Events: 5 out of 10
Why: Cause as for now the community is still small the server is still fresh and since less players not much GM so maybe that's the cause. But when the owner or a event GM is online they start a event unless there is a very few players.

Game Masters: 7 out of 10
Why: Because when the GM are online they usually just sit and wait for players, they talk with us all even tho its late there time. They are fast to answer any question even if they have to find it out they do so and if you report a bug/error or problem to them they fix it there and then or they will give you a time frame on how long it will be

Community: 9 out of 10
Why: I've been with this server for like 2 weeks now and learned that the old players here are very kind and when they or I lose no one gets mad and says cursed words

Custom Items: 8 out of 10
Why: Because for now not much is still implemented with the customs announced there is so much more customs and more to go. And they can be bought through the cash card system, so kill a monster with luck either a mvp card, normal monster card,mini boss card or all sorts of card a cash card is included with either what card the monster drops.
Well this part sort of fits here too Faction System is really cool you get to pvp world wide at lvl 200 but only other factions and there new world (cant remember the name) is a blast you need to do quests for each map and theres the new games like follow me so good :D

Stability: 8 out of 10
Why: There is no lag and it is really fun when its no lag, it only lags when the GM will ask the players permission if its OK? for him to implement scripts and so the server lags but he asks first before doing so.

Donation items: 7 out of 10
Why: Fair is fair for donation, They still have unique items but still balanced.

Class Balance: 8 out of 10
Why: There is a bit of problem with the class's but its with tactics how to knock em out! you know what I mean. Some are though and some are so strong with damage but there are still ways to counter.

Zenny & Leveling & Card Drop rate: 8 out of 10
Why: Because its fast to level and the card drop rate makes it challenging but sometimes frustrating that's what gives the excitement. Zenny is challenging since its a bit hard but with the mvp room a couple of 30 pcs maya purple who automatically drops gold and there's the zenny needed to buy items in the mall.

Mall: 9 out of 10
Why: its complete but the price is wew ;) ahaha. Well when you start hunting you won't stop hunting until you get what you want. Healing items, Scrolls, Converters, Armors, Garments, From Class to class only items/ equipments & Ammunition for those archer or long range user its all in the mall for the price. Zenny here is also valuable.

MVP Room: 10 out of 10
Why: woo hoo! this is the 2nd best part in the server, a private mvp room choose whether you want to solo or guild or party a MVP/boss monster or mini boss. Your choice & the fun part you can summon until 30 mvp or mini boss at a time just be sure you can take them all out.. hehehe ;D ;D

PvP & GvG: 8 out of 10
Why: Not much players yet but if it gets many the pvp room will be a blast! just try it and you'll just want to stand by more often there than in prontera, Guild versus Guild is also in the pvp/gvg room npc you can see who the best guild is & like what some does bet zenny to the winner in GvG if its an official Guild versus Guild hosted by GM then its really cool ;D

WOE: 6 out of 10
Why: Not much players, in the right time with the schedule of some players & even wrong time but for those GMT is some like similar to GMT+ then Its gonna be a blast with you them. ;D

Current Problems:

1*Bugs: Currently server owner is fixing them but some are still there like the skill buyer bug and some are now fixed but still bug is still there

2* faction system not 100% finished id say around 95% is still needs voting npc to be added

anyways thanks for reading i hope some of you may join the server and help it grow if you come online and see me say hi im Money Bags ingame:D

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