-cont.- Aiyumi Ragnarok Online Review (Partial)

Started by ItsMeKazz, Oct 20, 2007, 05:38 AM

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Aiyumi RO defines "balance". This is "high-rate" at its finest. I am simply awed by this server that has everything I wanted in RO. The mere fact that balancing a high-rate server is pretty much complex and delicate, since a few customizations could totally spoil the orthodoxy of normal RO game-play. In spite of this, the Game Master was able to introduce innovations that not only maintained the features of RO as we know it but was also able to establish a sense of originality that most RO gamers, in my opinion, should experience. The Game Master, I can safely assume, is very knowledgeable of the features of normal RO game-play because he is able to pinpoint its imbalances; its pros and cons. We all know that some items of Ragnarok Online are a little too imbalanced like, for example, most of the boss and mini-boss cards. Most high-rate servers have very high drop rates; thus; most of them are already flooded with these almost god-like items. This inconvenience is the very cause of the decline of enjoyment and satisfaction in most high-rate servers. The Game Master knows this so he implemented a drop rate that, in my opinion, should be the basis of most high-rate servers out there; it is not too low as to make the players literally burst into frustration just because of a certain item that is very hard to acquire but still maintains that certain trademark of high-rate servers which is the easy acquisition of items (in Aiyumi's case, items that are more balanced and enhances the functions of each class).

The Game Master has balanced this high-rate server, perhaps, more than most high-rate servers that have ever been balanced. It is because of this that I would, without a second thought, recommend this server to RO players who like competition and fair play. I stated these things because in my unbiased opinion, Aiyumi RO deserves all the recognition it gets.

Note: This review is but the partial, more important things that I wanted to express about this server. I might make a few more additions soon.