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Started by Spitfire941, Jul 18, 2023, 11:01 PM

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An option to play with some interesting customizations, which may be what some players are looking for.

Main Features

FlexRO has 1 server that offers 4 experience rates to choose from, these will directly influence the speed at which we progress with our characters. In addition, each type of rate provides a series of benefits according to the challenge, the lower the exp rate selected, the better the benefits provided.

It should be mentioned that these rates only affect Experience, not Drop, whose rates are set at 5x.

As for the episode, FlexRO is on in Ep 13.1 Ash Vacuum. We are talking about one of the most emblematic episodes of the game, events that occur after the battle against Satan Morroc, an episode that gives us the prelude to what our adventure to a new world will be, contact with other races. In my opinion a good episode, with which the implementation of more content in the near future can be handled, something that any player will appreciate, since an entertained and busy in-game player is a happy player.

Implementations in FlexRO

We are looking at a server customized in a very interesting way, but at the same time, in a subtle way. No change feels like something bad, heavy or that detracts from the project, on the contrary, the changes enrich it and in some cases add layers of depth, next I will tell you about the customizations that personally pleased me a lot:

Rebirth Job just 1 step away: I am very honest in saying that the idea or system of rebirth in RO at the beginning was exciting, but deep down it is tedious and boring. Having to be a Novice and 1st Job again after almost 15 years of playing doesn't cause as much excitement, maybe thinking about this reality in FlexRO, being a Rebirth Job only requires being a 2nd Job Lv 90/50, making the transition more direct.

PK Enabled at Lv Max: Once the maximum level is reached, Midgard becomes an active battlefield where the possibility of an ambush is a reality. Without a doubt this addition can be entertaining and will make some everyday activities such as hunting MvP something more dynamic and competitive.

Seasonal Events: I like this kind of initiative, I have always thought that RO has what it takes to develop more specific and especially thematic events. The set of seasonal events in FlexRO promises to be something complete, with rewards according to the theme of these events, so we can expect pets, consumables and customs in accordance with these events.

MvP Spawns x2: The appearance times of free MvP have been reduced to half, thus giving the opportunity for hunting them to be something more dynamic, in addition to that, added to the PK enabled, it makes this activity more entertaining and competitive.

Hardcore Challenge: If you think you are an expert in RO, perhaps this optional game mode may be interesting for you. While in this mode dying once means going back to 1/1 Novice. A game mode for people who want to play RO on another level, by the way at this moment there is an active event related to this mode, where the first 3 players to reach the max lv in Hardcore Challenge mode will be rewarded, taking 300USD, 200USD and 100USD respectively. For more information about the event visit the FlexRO forum.

Creating a Healthy Economy for Players

We all know how necessary it is to have a healthy economy on any RO server, most of the time it is something that simply cannot be controlled, but it also happens that in many more cases, nothing is even attempted to do about it. In view of this in FlexRO an attempt is being made to take a step forward in this aspect, making the flow and management of Zeny more organic, giving real utility to the currency. Therefore, Zeny will continue to be used for common things such as buying from NPCs, renting items, performing resets, using the stylist, but also Zeny will be used for issues related to customs, which will be very good for any player who decides to farm zeny.

I take this opportunity to mention the Flex Coin, the official currency of FlexRO used to obtain cosmetic items, enchants, pet items, consumables, character customization services and other rewards. This currency can also be obtained through donation. However, the possibility of mobs dropping these coins was recently implemented, the drop rate will depend on the level of the defeated monster, for more information, at the following link is the table with the exact percentages on the forum.


FlexRO is a server that lets you embark on your adventure in Midgard on your own terms, something that is appreciated, it is something that those people with little free time will value. This project, although classic in essence, enhances the experience with a series of interesting additions that improve playability and give it a certain dynamism, things like PK, accelerated spawn of MvPs, and the fact of simplifying the transition to Rebirth Job is something that I like a lot and I know others will agree with me.

FlexRO opened recently, on July 15, so those looking for a server with little time online are in luck, it is the ideal time to explore Midgard, under your conditions and times, taking advantage of the features that the project has for you and your friends, also if you are one of the first 500 players (Account created) you could be the lucky winner of a series of rewards for being one of the first to inhabit FlexRO.



The ideas and execution in this server have been great for the first month. The GMs have clearly worked hard on new features, the majority of which have nothing to do with the cash shop, without losing the essence of RO.

I would absolutely recommend FlexRO at this point.
The below does not constitute a negative review. I hope it's constructive criticism for the future of the server.

That said, I think there have been a few missteps.

First, I need to mention that Flex coins can be bought for zeny with a limited daily supply and ascending cost as more are bought. This is a solid deflationary measure and allows access to cash shop items for zeny.

So the (imo) missteps I mention:

1. The flex coin to $ conversion seems to favor the cash shop due to limited coins and fresh economy, so this should be mitigated as the economy matures. Cash shop benefits extend a bit past consumables / cosmetics / rental gear.

They added a $20 / 20,000 flex coins max level boost a few weeks in on a 20x (or lower) server that emphasizes multi-clienting (buff NPC is bless/agi only) and requires movement every 20 seconds to get exp (making leeching annoying). The impact of this is mitigated by allowing players to go directly to their transcended jobs at level 90. For reference, it took about a day to get a 90 support clown up.

Most significantly, they added a gacha headgear vendor for $3 / 2,500 flex coins per pull with ~100 headgears, including exclusive (at this point) and powerful ones like Robo Eye. Important facets of this are that the vendor does not give duplicates, the headgears gained are account bound (so no economic impact) and they've mentioned adding quests for these so they aren't exclusive. If the order were reversed - acquisition methods first, then gacha - I'd have no complaints. I also wish this vendor were introduced into a more mature economy. Players would have more zeny to burn so buying flex points wouldn't mean handicapping their ability to buy base level cards/equipment.

2. The frequent requests for reviews, even as the server is growing steadily. I feel like server growth has been great -- better than I'd expected, since the population online doesn't include as many vendors as other servers -- and that many players are still getting a feel of the server as it's so new, so the requests this can sometimes be a little grating.

Edit: Edited this for tone and to better focus on being constructive.


Hey pizere,

Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts about our server. Your review is truly valuable, and I'm grateful for your constructive criticism. It's evident that you've taken the time to consider the different aspects of the server, and I want to assure you that your feedback is heard loud and clear. Let me provide some insights into your points.

Flex Coins & Cash Points:
You're absolutely right, Flex Coins were introduced as a means to offer a balance between non-donators and donators. This helps maintain a fair playing field by ensuring that cash items remain within the reach of everyone, while still respecting the support of our donors. We're continuously working on expanding the ways to earn Flex Coins, including events, quests, and drops, to enhance the in-game economy and player experience. So far the system has also done a tremendous job making merchant shop prices cheaper for everyone.

Our stance on multi-clienting is all about flexibility. We understand that different players have different preferences, so we're focused on offering alternatives that encourage parties and active gameplay without completely limiting multi-clienting. Our recent enhancements, such as the buff NPC, party search feature, and improved party experience bonuses, aim to make multi-clienting less of a necessity while still respecting the freedom of choice.

Max Level Scroll & Headgear NPC:
While the intent behind these additions was to provide options and convenience for players, it's clear that there's room for reconsideration, particularly in terms of the order of implementation. The Max Level Scroll is something we wanted to release earlier on, but we waited 20 days until enough people had reached Max Level before implementing it. Your suggestion of introducing acquisition methods before gacha options is well-taken and aligns with a more player-centric approach. We'll definitely take this into account as we continue to evolve the server's offerings. Keep in mind the NPC has over a hundred headgears and it is meant to be a Zeny and Flex Coin sink to encourage activity in all the features that reward them. As you say, implementing these when the community was more mature in terms of Zeny, but even regular quest requirements pull them away from farming core equipment. Definitely look forward to these quests sooner than you think though.

Constant Review Requests:
I totally get where you're coming from regarding our repeated requests for reviews. It's not a pleasant experience for any of us, and I apologize if it feels like we're pressuring our players. We genuinely believe in the quality of our server, and while we're thrilled with our growing player base, reviews play a significant role in showcasing what we offer to potential players. We're trying to strike a balance between getting the word out and respecting our players' experiences.

It's worth noting that while our server is making strides in terms of player counts, reviews remain crucial for attracting those who might be searching for a new server to call home. We're putting in a lot of effort to ensure that our server is not just great for us, but also for the wider Ragnarok community.

Thanks once again for your thoughtful review and insights. Your perspective helps us see areas where we can improve and keep pushing our server to be the best it can be. If you ever have more suggestions or thoughts, don't hesitate to share directly with us – we're all ears!

Warm regards,
Flex  /no1
Administrator at FlexRO
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Reviews are very important for servers. If I am not mistaken until now flex is paying for advertisement to get players since I still see their banners in rms ads.

Reviews are free advertisement of the server that helps promote it. This do not only help the owner save money from advertising but also the server itself. More reviews, better exposure. Because it's rare for server seekers to check ads and usually they only check the top 1-5 in the list.

Max level scroll? A lot of players don't really need it. I got 1 max level char which is enough for farming.

Btw,if you will look at the forum there's an ongoing event about  inviting people in discord and with just few people invited you get 1 max scroll, and other rewards.

I felt like this server is pretty generous even with the daily quest rewards and free coupons


Hey there,

Thanks for the response. I believe you about the quests coming sooner than I'd think - it's impressive how many features you guys have put out since the server's inception.

I feel like you've addressed my points and appreciate your candid response to criticism. Like I said, I think these have been missteps at most (and that's primarily directed at the headgear vendor) -- not anything truly bad.

Speaking of which, I re-read my post and it didn't come off how I'd like. I've edited it for tone and to stay more on-topic.

To Venice's point about advertisements: Now that I think about it, I've seen those too but hadn't considered that cost when writing before.


@Venice, your perspective on reviews being a potent form of lasting and informative advertisement is absolutely spot on. Reviews provide authenticity and a deeper insight into the server, which resonates well with players seeking a genuine experience. As our community evolves, we aim to leverage the Max Level Scroll to assist newcomers in quickly diving into the game. Given our server's rate and mechanics, achieving max level is achievable within a short span, and additionally, we've been rewarding active players with field manuals and bubblegums through our Daily Discord coupons.

@Pizere, I greatly appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to shed light on the decision-making process. While we're doing our best to cover advertising costs, we can do more even more thanks to the help of reviews and donators. Your insights contribute immensely to our ongoing efforts to refine and enhance the player experience.

Best regards,
Administrator at FlexRO
Pre-Renewal | Low Rate | Casual