Started by Chaotic, Mar 29, 2007, 08:25 PM

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Brand new server that just opened up recently. I joined it and I'm -loving- it. If any of you players are looking for a brand new, fresh start on a server, look no further. Its highly stable and the PvP competition is great! If you're like me, you like high rate servers but you can't always find a good class balanced server. Like I said look no further. The guild competition isn't anything special at the moment though, but we're looking to change that asap (not too many guilds, join up!).

The GMs on our forums will never hesitate to consider a suggestion to the server to make it better, and they're very quick about implementing it if they decide to do so. I highly recommend this server to any high rate lovers. Help us get this server going!  :D


I tried it too, and there was too much I didn't like about it. The max ASPD was too low for a high rate IMO, and EVERYTHING was nerfed. It was more balanced, but it had the slwo pace of a low rate. I didn't care for it that much, but I casn see why it'd be great for some people.