Detailed review of IkkyouRO

Started by SpadeZ, Apr 15, 2007, 11:44 AM

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Thier Rate my server link

Low rate, 6x/6x/4x (6x being exp rates) (4s being drop rate for items)
Max stat:  255
Max Base Level:  200
Max Job Level:  50
Max Base Level (Adv):  255
Max Job Level (Adv):  70
~I find it is a good idea to make teh maximums HIGHER so  there is more added play value
~NEW server, only been open 5 days or so, whioch is EVRY appealing to me, being teh second member
~i have invited friends to the server, the server IS growing.
~NO Corrupt GMs giving away stuff or spawning monsters
~Custom Items (avalable now and soon to be released in quest form)
~Avalability of the god items through: Lenneth(eAthena NPC i believe)
~server hasnt been down yet, and i think it is a very up to date client and eAthena.
(has slinger, nin, takewon all working 100% i believe.)

The main reason why i think this server is good is because its new, it would be a great place for almost any new player or old player who want to be part of a growing enviroment, a more ballanced and friendly enviroment. a nice place to plant yourself

ive found myself jumping form server to server lookign for the right one, i have high standards in what im looking for here are a few
1: Reletavly new.. up to a month old ((i liek to be a good part in  the growing economy))
2: anything under 20/20/20 rates... anything above that you get into mad fast leveling and un evan jobs and no economy because ya can take 20x drop maby 50 mins to hunt ANYTHING
3: no Job NPC or Plat skills NPC, they take away from the questing value of the game
4: Custom items and npcs
5: healer, COSTS MONEY
6: Warper COSTS MONEY or quest needed (Hopefully they will implement this on this server ^__^)


for your personnal server preference pls  check your private message in this forum on your account ^_^