Deceit in ParadiseRO- Gaming in Paradise?

Started by pROplayer39, Jul 01, 2007, 09:11 AM

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well that bard/dancer duet giving more xp:) you should check that skill out.

anyways we tried lv 5 but some s**t happened we finished demobbing pharaoh and stuff after 10 seconds we finished it(more like buffie did all the job:P) this wiz and 2 priests came started killing all -.- so dont know just hope buffie gets lv 99 b4 ppl come in more:P


why would it be imposible? thers always a way on EVERY map to do somthing u just need to kno wat to do well first of all since thes private servers arnt that BIG anymor most of the places are like empty no 1 ther anyways, demob the pasnas + mimics + minos and leave the anubis walk around the map agi them up with bathory armour it would be fast to mob them so thers no secret at all see it like doin same thing in  bio 3 snap all the monsters out the HW spawn point and go camp HWs for a few hours u sure get 99 (as a WS) in no time lol so why accuse GMs for helping ppl cuz the lvl fast? if u dont even kno how the lvl thats just lame


some ppl will be suspicous how others level very fast, especially if they themselves dont know. now, to remove that suspicion tell them how it was done. problem solved.

but the problem with ro (and mmorpg in general), is it a game of level/equip/stats and not a game of skill. this is why people keep builds/equip info to themselves so others wouldnt know (an advantage). thats why you rarely see people talk about how they level unusually fast, or their equip/build.

btw some people think that someone can be a skilled ro player, no such thing. there is only a knowledgable ro player not a skillfull player. if u want to see skilled player, play any fps or rts games.

a game of skill (like fps or rts) does not need information to be kept, but instead relies on player skill. too bad ro aint a game of skill  8)


just lookk at guys like this one and playing and uk change u mind :D
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Kuprin -___- how does paying for the server out of my own money, scam people?
ParadiseRO is a DONATION FREE server. There are no scams going on. After EuphRO
the last thing that I would want is another damn money grubbing server.

1. ParadiseRO is donation free
2. I pay of the server on my own
3. THE MINI GAMES is what get you the items.
Example you can get poring coins on each map from treasure boxes, or in towns from porings.
You can gamble your poring coins in our special Poring 'n' Coin Mini game. And trade for
special IRO/KRO/JRO Cash sale items.

If your seeing players running around with headgear you have not seen before Kuprin, I'm pretty sure
they got the gear from that NPC. there is a FULL list on the paradiseRO forums of what headgear you can get
and how.

4. There is also a mini game that lets people get Ragnarok Online Mobile Items.
  Its the Paradise RO mining game, players go into the mines and hunt for ore, the ore can be
refined into Bullions, and the Bullions refined into Coins, there are many diffren't kinds of coins.
You can use the coins to buy Special Moible Ragnarok Online items(Kuprin if you do not know what
Ragnarok Online Moible is, its a cell phone game were you can get items for your Rangarok Online when
you beat the game)

Not everyone has access to such Cash sale items or Mobile items, not everyone wants to spend 15-20 dollers in IRO to get
them, Donation items were the biiiggest scam in private servers of the past(old Euph) I wanted to prove to players,

They do NOT have to live in fear, fear that there owner is stealing money via donations
They do NOT have to be singled out from the donators, people who donate to a server and become uber powerful.
They CAN! get the new KRO/JRO/IRO Ragnarok Online items that are normaly donated for on other servers.

ParadiseRO is a player utopia, and Its my way of trying to make the Private Ragnarok Online world happey, via events,
Mini games, or just plain having fun.

I don't know what your problem is Kuprin, Maybe its because you coudln't get on the GM team(and btw the reason your not on the team is because you flame ParadiseRO so much on RMS and make stupid comments like this about my server) or maybe your just unlucky in the Poring 'n' Coin.

Whatever the reason I want you, I ask you, I wont ban you because maybe you were misunderstood, but I ask you, and pray and hope
you would talk to me.


Sir can i have a triple uderneath chain.
Anyway server looks happy for now so dunno.let s just stop at this.


first being an ro n00b i dont understand why Transcend's calculation is considered close numbers when he calculated in the 20k~ when the screenshot shows 400k~ each anibus ... maybe i missed something.

Another think I would like to express is that I support server that are corruption free and donation free.  That is the way servers should be, donator over power and gm corruption has become a serious problem in the private RO world.  There are hardcore guilds out there that will move from one server to another just to find a uncorrupted / no donat0r powered server to play on.  Just look at the recent events at ProjectRO that I happened to witness. First, hardcore players waited for months for it to open.  First day open 250~ ppl online.  One gm got caught helping friends, excessive boardcast and killing players.  Second day, those that waited for months start to find another server to call home.  Hehe so the lesson? avoid corruption like a plague xD while you still can. 

Okay i guess this is another post that i go on and on and have no idea what the topic is about.

OH.  Even so, the official server makes me laugh when they have a server specifically designed for item shop and is free to play (at least in chinese RO i see it).  Kind of trying to get "donators" back to the official server from the private world lol. 

Well good luck to a non corrupt, non donation over power server seriously.

I have seen servers try to stay donation free and corruption free but all of them don't last long.  Some have to give in to the reality that there is no free lunch in the world (thus sold your soul to the devil).  Others somehow got corrupted from making the wrong decision or just simply closed down due to out of budget or lack of player appreciate the effort spent.  It's sad when you see corrupted server, or server that make money out of players are up there and clean server like yours are down there.

xD what am i talking about, yes maybe that describes me when i used to run a server.  I try to make it corruption free (did that mostly) and donation free (no over power donator anyway but there are few donation stuff like houses and warp commands to town).  In the end it gets tired and closed (was that the real reason?).

Wait you are paradise RO? hey i think Diogenes moved a lot of my HopeRO ppl there, yea maybe he still there.  If so it would be great, looks like they found a good home.


I jumped the gun.

A revolutionary lvling method has popped up it seems...

It is actually possible to lvl as buffie's screenshot shows, and I'll give a rough blueprint of how it's done.

How to level madly with a high priest.
You have 10 clients open (you need friends, or a few computers around you). Here's what should be on the 10 clients... or at least I think, in sphinx4 (the one with minorous)....

- 1 high priest to level
- 1 bard (to cast Mental sensing)
- 1 gypsy (to cast mental sensing) note: mental sensing gives 186% exp
- 1 mental strength monk to mob the anubis
- 6 mages to cast fireball at the anubis mob

1. First, you mob the minorous's to the center of the map, in a small corner or aisle where they can't get out.
2. Set up a little camp where all your characters are partied. No even share of course. Have the bard and dancer always using their mental sensing.
3. Mob the anubis with the mental strength monk. The monk can do a hell lot of anubis'.... and bring them to the area aside where your bard+dancer is.
4. Have each mage cast fireball at the anubis mob. For each mage that casts their fireball at the mob, you get a 10% extra party exp bonus (system is really stupid sounding isn't it).
5. Have the priest cast magnus excorsismus or TU, whatever is faster for you, to kill the mob.
6. Go out and scount with the monk again for more lol....

In this method, the primary focus is the party bonuses that are given, along with the bard+dancer combination. The only reason why this seemed so peculiar is also because anubis is a relatively new monster... and farming them in this way...

Well it needs to be efficient, which is why multiple computers or bots are used (not promoting the usage of bots).

Using this method, a high priest would gain insane exp bonuses:
(normal anubis exp x number of anubis) x 1.86 x (10% compounded per useless mage/assassin (in grimtooth) you have)

In my defense, I still don't believe RO was intended this way, and does not reflect the actual values of RO. The ability to substitute the place of party-members to maximize exp output is still a shady way to use it, especially since it was never intended as such... this much most of us can agree upon. Or you can call me a whiner. Whichever one seems more reasonable in an unbiased light.

Well then... scratch the first post, and suspicion. Server seems good. Although I still dislike the idea of gm's with "legit" characters. It's common sense that if one GM screwed up, namely maybe an admin, it wouldn't really be made public for bad PR (as well as emotional attachment of the GM team). But as it stands now, server seems cool again.

My apologies.


Lol i let them go away with it.
One question
Are theses chars realy in a party.My memory is very bad but i do remenber seeing my partymates HP IN A PARTY.


You don't really need the party. The exp rules state that a mob's exp increases by 25% per each character that "attacks" the mob (or is attacked by them) to a max of 12 characters, as long as all of them are still in the same map at the moment the mob dies.

The ensemble increases the exp given by mobs standing within it at the moment they die regardless of who is earning the exp.

So you can do this without partying everyone, but having everyone in the mini-map would help (a party in each-take is not any different than no party, is it?)

(RMS reviews)


O lala the one that made this has spoken let s all stfu now.This is just a rude post by some banned person.