CeresRO is a corrupt server.

Started by Might Max, Jun 21, 2007, 07:49 PM

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Might Max

1. The owner never actually uses the donation money towards the server.

2. The owner actually leased a car; rented an apartment; bought 2 roundtrip tickets to Sweden; bought clothing with at
least 90%-95% of the donation she received.

3. The owner and her boyfriend has edited stats on their legit characters. (Max stats are 200, they probably have a bit more.)

4. The GMs that were chosen recently are basically in the server owner's guild, and they're not helpful.

5. If you call any GM corrupt, and they see you, it's an instant block/ban on your account.

6. Giving free "donation only" items to guild members. (Distilled fighting spirit doesn't drop on that server nor you can make it, only GMs have access to them through @item command.)

Good gawd. If you want to play on a High Rate server, do not go there. There's so much corruption going on there, it's sad. None of the new headgears are questable, only through donation at a price of $15-25.

By the way people. CeresRO is changing their name to PerfectRO trying to get rid of their horrible reputation.
There's also a PerfectRO that exists already.

Jayne Cobb

proof? without proof, i'll laugh at you for getting banned