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Started by darrengold, Jan 23, 2015, 08:46 PM

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I've been staying on CasualRO for more than a month now and it's been great fun would be great to have more people on it XD

that's why i'm writing this :D

Server Stability and Availability:

there are very few instances when lagging has been pretty bad
most of the time it runs smoothly :D which is very very nice

then the GMs and very helpful and supportive they also hold some events from time to time and are very receptive to player requests

Community Friendliness:

players is CRO are super friendly XD super duper like they would give u starter gears then give u vip membership XD

then they will invite u to parties :D to go raid dungeons ETs and MVPs

when u happen to summon a boss u cant solo in the db room just shoutout in the main and peeps will come help u  XD


Events! the good ones are the grubber greed XD the gm hosted ones, wandering poring and if friends are online the ides XD

Staff Ratings:

they have staff on diff time zones so u will definitely have gm actively hosting an event for ya  :D

Forum and Wiki:

For me a good litmus test of a lively server is the forum and the wiki if they seem empty then i get the impression that people there are not helpful and/or the server is severely under populated

in CRO peeps do answer querries in forum and in game. plus the wiki is very helpful once you get a hang of it.

then player/veterans write out guides XD which is awesome


you can choose your play rate

like u can level insanely fast through card recycling and/or tradein items

or you can have fun grinding XD with the eden quests or the poining quests


is very honest!!!! i dont think there are no (if there are very few) server owned vendors

there are a couple of overpricers so do check price via main to double check

the ones u really need zeny for are the custom items other things u can buy very cheap or ask for XD is peeps have extra

economy is mostly based on endgame items

starter equips u can hunt or ask around for XD

War of Emperium:

i'm not familiar with woe but will update this as soon as we give it a go in our guild XD


donation items are for fun and speed but really u have very little "need" for them as the players are super helpful and things are achievable in a casual way

so far the really awesome things to get in here are the fakejob custome XD


voting is very rewarding here extremely like for just a single voting session u can afford a lot of things XD
like branches and customes