Started by Freedom, Jul 22, 2012, 09:32 AM

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I'm not really good at doing reviews but here goes..

Server Stability/Availability:

Currently, the server has been having unexpected downtimes for whatever reasons we players don't know of. We never get to know what is happening or if the admins are making changes and/or maintenance. But whenever the server owner gets informed about the server's status, she would turn it back up as soon as she can.


The server went through a hard time when the administration decided to change the rates from mid-rate to low-rate so most of the people who had faith in the server couldn't accept the changes and decided to leave. But beyond that time, new faces kept coming and we're still kind of growing despite the big loss of players since the rates change.

Community Friendliness:

The forum and in-game community are both friendly and helpful specially to the new members of CakeRO, but still there are some feisty people among the community but I guess there would always be one in most of the gaming community.

Game Master Availability:

This is the one that the server lacks, I barely see any GM on except for the server owner herself for most of the time, she helps new comers as much as she can but her time is limited. There are quite few GMs hired but whenever they get on, they mostly AFK at towns.

Game Master Eventfulness/Friendliness:

Given the fact that the inactivity of the GMs gives off the impression of no events are held most of the time for the players, except of course the automated ones which we barely have too. But whenever they are on (rarely) they help people as much as they can and tend to try and sneak up some fun while they're on.


Economy's pretty stable since the prices for most of the farmed items that are sold for zeny are dramatically reduced (Witherless Rose, Frozen Rose, Royal Jelly, etc.). This was to avoid economy imbalance but the players seems to manage how to create a stable economy themselves while trying to provide the other's players needs for farming/grinding/making mats/etc.


One of the great things at CakeRO is that their Donation don't even give that much of advantage to those who don't donate for the server, they offer donators a few headgear disguises of their choice, and premium perks which just gives them fancy commands.

Class Balance:

I would say that CakeRO is one of the 3rd jobs server with a fairly decent class balance, our developer, SketchyPhoenix from rA has been doing his best to make the best of the 3rd jobs and to try balancing out the classes in order for the players to maximize the potential of each job class. Some of the skills are still bugged but they are doing their best to fix everything bit by bit.

Guild Competition:

There's 2 guilds ready for competition but WoE hasn't started yet so I guess the server is still waiting for some time before they start the WoE action, this gives the guilds time to farm their preferred mats for the upcoming WoEs. Both guilds are friendly and willing to help new members, they're mostly chill and help out their other members to get gears.


Above everything else that I've said, I can see potential in this server, it's probably one of the good 3rd jobs server out there, so might as well give it a shot if you want to experience a balanced 3rd job server.
If I offended you, too bad.