Started by aehu, Jun 13, 2012, 04:37 PM

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Ragnarok Online is a game that I have been playing for several years. During that time, I have joined, quit, and rejoined many servers. Most recently, I have been playing on CakeRO.

Server: Stability/Availability = 9.5
During my stay here at CakeRO, the server has only crashed once, and only for a few minutes. I give this a 9.5.

Community: Friendliness/Eventfulness = 8.5
The server, being new, has a relatively small population. These players, however, are friendly and are willing to help newer players. There are GM hosted events, but from my limited experience these are infrequent. In addition, there is an automated event, but only one. Additional events are going to be added in the patch tomorrow (6/13). So as of now, I give this an 8.5.

Game Masters: Friendliness/Availability/Helpfulness = 9.0
The GMs in this server are frequently online. However, while they are friendly and helpful, they do tend to go afk after a short while. The GMs here are open to suggestions and respond quickly to any questions. I give this a 9.0.

Gameplay: Economy/Guild Competition/Class Balance = 8.5
The server, being new, doesn't really have any economy to speak of. This is offset by the willingness of other players to help each other gear and farm.
There are 3 guilds to speak of at the moment, but since WoE has not yet been activated, I will not be considering Guild Competition into this rating.
In terms of class balance, the GMs have spent a considerable amount of time balancing and refining the third classes. For the above reasons, while I give Class Balance a 10, I give Economy a 7.

A Few Words.
All in all, I look forward to playing on this server. The server has a lot of potential.


You forgot to mention how many people are joining.
Oh, and while I do agree on the points you made, you should really mention the extreme amount of customization they are working on.
Unique refining systems,  customs dungeons to come, etc etc.
Good review though!


Thank you Aehu, and NotCross for the reviews!  We really appreciate everything you've said, and can't wait to have our server grow with you.


I might stop by here, I checked out the website, and it looks nice :3


Please do!  We'd love to have ya.


Hi, I am seriously considering starting on CakeRO, but i would like to know if you guys are planning on implementing 3rd jobs anytime soon, because i want to play in a server with them, got tired of the old RO!


They already have 3rds. Have fun~ ;p

Look Adelie! Look! Stupid people! Stupid people everywhere!


Yeah they do, but WOE will be split between trans/3rds, I believe.