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Cake Ro
« on: Oct 16, 2008, 07:19 pm »
This server is a great server.
I highly recommend it.
Our community is small right now so most people don't play but our community can't get any bigger if no one comes and sticks around.
So as my review:
The rates are 75x/75x/25x a very fair mid rate server.
The GMs are quick to help and very friendly.
There are no overpowered donate items but they do have nice customs and are planning on adding more soon.
There are a few guilds 3 main ones so far.
The WoEs are held 3 times a week. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. WoE is normally only held in 2 castles so far because of the small community.
The server hardly ever goes down. They are planning to do some scheduled maintenance but they will let you know before hand of course.
The warpa warps you to any field, dungeon, or town and you can choose what lvl to warp to. Very Handy
They have a reborn system in place where you lvl to 99 and reborn 9 times and on your 9th time you lvl to 170 to max out. Each time you are reborn with this system you get an addiction 100 stat points.
Now because of the reborn system the instant cast rate has been changed to 180 dex so as to be alittle more challenging, but they may change that if requested enough.
I think the community needs to grow but that is the biggest downside. So please come to CakeRO try it out see what you think. It's lots of fun.
I give this server 4.5/5 only thing is the community and just need you to fix that.

Thanks for reading my review.