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BurnRO Review
« on: Sep 21, 2008, 10:37 pm »
3k/3k/1k/All Cards 10%(MVP cards in MVP arena are 1%)
non PK

Stability/Availability:  The server is a bit laggy at times, with time-outs every once in a  while, but it isn't bad enough to really get you down, the lag will be fixed soon though.  The server is always up, except during maintenance. 7 out of 10 / 10 out of 10

Community:  The community consists of people from all around the world, and most are able to speak English.  They are all pretty nice, I've yet to have any problems with anyone. The population ranges from about 30 to 50 generally online at a time.10 out of 10

Game Masters:  The GMs are friendly, and always try their best to help you with whatever it is you need help with.  There are events almost everyday as well.  The only thing is, GMs could be more active.  8 out of 10

Economy:  The economy isn't all that great.  Only about 5 auto-traders usually on.  Usually you can get what you need by buying/selling/trading using the broadcaster. 5 out of 10

WOE:  I haven't participated in enough WOE's, so I'm gonna update this later on.

Class Balance:  Overall class balance is pretty good.  Most of the classes are used, and none are much more powerful than the other.  8 out of 10

Website/Forums:  Both are an easy-to-follow layout, and a big plus is that fact that you don't have to register to view the forums, like many servers require.

Quests/Customs: There are a ton for quests for customs, ranging form easy to hard, depending on how good the item is.  Tons of customs available from Old Purple Boxes, which Have been modified to drop customs, sometimes lotto balls(required for quests), and more often than not, jellopies.  The donations might seem overpowered, but they're all equal to the custom's you can quest for. 9 out of 10

OVERALL:  Over all the server is great.  It's population grows everyday, the game play is well balanced, and most important, it's fun.  And If you like PvP, you're going to love this server.  8 out of 10
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