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BlitzRO Review
« on: Jun 21, 2020, 09:41 pm »
Hello RMS community,

this is my first time writing review on this forum but i want to share my opinion on a new server i'm currently playing.  /ho

I'm a picky chooser when it comes to private server, i always play high rate server because i don't have much free time to grind level or items in a low or mid rate server, and this server meets all the requirements i need in a server. It's a high rate server with 1000/1000/10x rates and custom drop rates.  /ok

When i first dropped into the game, i was surprised since there are many new features that usually not exist in generic high rate server, such as custom warpra where you need to journey through decade around midgard to unlock them permanently, and also you need to do access quest to unlock instances, those features seems annoying at first but it was actually fun to do. There are many other custom features but it will be too long if i talk about them all here, and it will be better if you experience them yourself.

The server also has custom currency called Mithril coin, which can be used to buy headgears and consumables at the coin vendor, and if you love gacha, you can also use the coin to try your luck at the special vending machine which will give you random official Kro/Jro headgears, tbh most of the time you will get trash item. Other than that you can aslo use it as normal currency to trade items with other players, but this should be obvious.

The best part of this server is definitely the fact it's a non-donation server, there is no cash shop and everyone can get every gears available through playing, so everyone is on equal footing, only player skill matters.

Now that i have talked about the features, it's time to talk about the server quality itself.

Server Stability and availability:
There is no such thing as lag-free server, and since this server was founded using the GMs personal money and they don't take donation, it was hosted at a non-expensive server, but in my history of playing, it is pretty stable with only some lag spikes at certain time of the day, maybe because i was playing from asia and the host is in canada, so you should have better experience when playing.

Community Friendliness:
Everyone is really friendly and kind, there aren't that many players but we always help each other and play together whenever we can, when i started i was actually being helped by a non-english speaking player, but he's still trying his best to help me and told me the gears i need for my character  /lv and now i also try to help other newbies who just started.

The server has automated events from time to time (in span of 1-3 hours based on the current online player) other than that there aren't any event hosted by the staff.

Staff Rating:
There are many staffs managing the server, but there are about 2 staff who did all the coding and update. All the staff is definitely accommodating, but they're mainly active on discord, they also always fast to response especially to bug report and suggestion.

I will be honest here, the economy don't really exist since we only have few players.

War of Emperium:
Not started yet because there is not enough guild to participate.

Those are everything i want to say about the server, it was a good and fun server, but since it's a non-donation server, GM don't really care about advertising it so not many people know it even exist, and i can't really ask them to do it either. The other cons i can say is the OCP items are too easy to get, you just need to farm tons of coins and do gacha all day and you can get them in just a few days, i hope they change this soon or the economy will collapse.

Overall Rating: 80/100
Donation level: Unavailable
Customization: Occasional - Extensive