Asgard Legend - "Classic" RO server with unique features!

Started by Gelidus, Oct 31, 2020, 05:33 AM

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Asgard Legend is listed as a "classic" RO server, but is far from being that. It is a complete revamp of RO's mechanics. The main changes are:

- Main and Sub stats: Every stat has been modified. IE, AGI provides you a higher aspd (apm in Asgard) at lower levels, but it decays the more points you invest on it. LUK also gives crit resistance and crit damage, so now investing some LUK on your crit builds wont feel like a total waste. And so much more that you can check here:

- Job trees: One of the most noticeable changes is that yo no longer have to rebirth, once you get lv 50 as a 2nd job you can change jobs!
They also added "1st jobs" to ninja and gunslinger (apprentice and recruit).

- Skill changes: In order to make every job useful, there are a LOT of modifications on skills and even they added new ones! You can check it here:

- Equipment modifications: Every piece of equipment (aside from headgears and accesories) has up to 4 different mods. These mods are random, so you can always improve your equipment. You can check it here:

I've been playing RO for 15+ years, from classic to renewal servers and a lot of custom servers. I am 100% sure this is the best server i've played, in terms of game mechanics. Not gonna lie, it has a low of flaws, such as slow content addition or an inconsistent population, but the amount of work put in this project is ridiculous. If you are like me, who always ends playing this game or just peeking at servers, you don't want to miss this one.