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Author Topic: Aqua Ragnarok Online wowwwww  (Read 2076 times)

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Aqua Ragnarok Online wowwwww
« on: Jan 05, 2021, 05:35 pm »
Freshly launched 5 days ago. Still open beta phrase.

For so many ROs that I play, this RO have some unique style of Equipments combination. With its extensive custom items set, you can experiment lots of builds in pvp and woe. Items are able to farm to win, but if u are lazy u can just buy it because it takes lots of effort to finish the game with end game items.

Very very good effort and ideas on PvM developments.
It made people farm from
 stage 1 :basic items, stage 2: mvp, stage 3: custom weapon and headgears, stage 4 advance headgears, and finally u able to farm donation gears.
Aside from ragnarok official maps, Aqua RO has so much more original content that makes u so fresh like playing  new game. If u like to experiment with strong monsters, this is the place. If u are lazy, donation still works for playing. Lots of servers nowadays rotate around only pvp and woe. This one has it all rounded. Everything is enjoyable.

Pvp items are getting better and better, admin are hardworking on improving everyday. Good jobs to both Admins. If you don't believe. I think there is a Aqua RO trailer video on YouTube too. Check them out.

Kudos to the server. Can't wait to see how good and how far the development goes.
5 days old, 38 for a high rate and active community. Well done. 9/10

Owner of AquaRO, highrate 255/120 Frost semifarm server.

trailer of my server