MindRO - I waited long enough

Started by Infinite99, Jun 04, 2022, 03:52 PM

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First of all don't get me wrong I like this server a lot and the admin is possibly one of the best GMs I've come across in all my RO experience. One look at the development requests section on the server's forum and you'll know he listens to every single player. My problem is not with him or his work on his server. Just wanted to clear that out so I don't sound ungrateful for all the help he helped me.

The thing that makes playing this server so s*** for me is the king of emperium event that starts everyday. There is this one guild that's been monopolizing it for weeks now. They stole members from other guilds even though they were already outnumbering everyone. There is no way to reason with them. They just like to play unfair. I waited for people to join and endured getting railed every day with the people with me but today they just stole one more new comer again.

This server has so much potential yet it's giving such a frustrating gameplay experience all because of these people not knowing how to play fair. The rest of the people on this server just like to kill MVPs and play with costumes. Many groups are just hiding in other towns away from everyone.

If you like PvP action and you're alone don't join this server you will only get frustrated unless you're part of a group then maybe you can kill those noobs.

I really liked this server because it's high rate but not heavily customized levels are 99/70 not some 255 or 500 s*** there are no custom equipments or those stupid wings you find in other high rates. There are PvM stuff for people not interested in PvP but the MAIN PROBLEM is the unfairness of GvG because 1# the server is only recently started and doesn't have many people and 2# the people that are here don't care about fair play and all they care about is to win

I waited for 1 month for things to change for more people to come but I'm done.

If you're a solo player who's looking for PvP this is what you should expect. It's an honest review to the best of my ability.