Annix Ragnarok Online Racist

Started by trigunzero37, Jul 15, 2022, 12:45 PM

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If you are looking for a nice or good server to stay, Please stay away from this server. Annix Ragnarok Online is one of the worst server ever. I'm askin about freebies for guild migration package then suddenly he ban my new registered account after checkin my IP from Singapore.  He chatted with some friends in tagalog mentioned "walang utak singaporean" . TBH, i dont understand what the hell is that mean anyway.  /omg /omg /omg /omg /omg


Staff should be welcoming but from what I read they are not being too kind to their newbies. What a way to handle a server.  /pif


Im pretty sure I was around the time you got banned in the server when you were asking for freebies and a guild package but the gm required you to individually make facebook accounts and post igns in their facebook group to avoid abuse of the guild or solopackage but you refused to make one when they are what the server set its rules to but you wouldnt compromise a very simple task and I saw the sarcasm behind what you were saying yesterday after the gm refused to give you guys a guild package after not following their rules and based on your name here "TriGun" Im pretty sure you were already a player there but I for one know you were poor in the server and looks like you were looking for a way to get your hands on some pretty easy gear /heh