AnimaRO a low quality server in disguise?

Started by Senor, Oct 22, 2006, 08:18 PM

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Server: AnimaRo
Rates 5/5/3
Time played: 9 months or so

First of all, the server is run off a donation ad system. You do ads, free trial offers, or paid offers and those companies pay the server, and the server gives you "ads" redeemed into MVP items. As you can imagine, this creates a gigantic class imbalance. The GMs themselves admit the imbalance but deny it when the ad system topic is bought up. (They will do this a lot). If you are looking for quality PvPing, you will not find it here. If you use any sort of magic, someone will pull a Golden Thief Bug on you, kill you, and say something retarded like "pwned noob". Due to massive amount of custom MVP cards too (+20% to all types, +65 damage weapon cards, +50% HP boot card, +10 def armor card, ), sins/sinx are one of the easiest classes to PvP with and is the most overplayed class. The player base quality is EXTREMELY low, with less and less mature vets and more and more beggars/exploiters/KSers and the occasional player who throws in lots of real cash to try to talk smack. They also add this ad incentive to vote for the top 100 lists, which is the reason why you see this server on several Top Lists.

Horrid. Aside from the massive availability of MVP cards, and some of the custom cards I describe above, the GMs attempted to make SQIs (Super Quest Items). Champs on this server do up to 25000 damage Throw Spirit Spheres with a 20000 asura on a fully reduced target, Lord Knights do up to 17000 Spiral Pierce, etc etc (Average HP is usually 12k [spellcasters] to 21[stalkers] to near 30k for Paladin/LKs. Any player input directed at the GMs are typically ignored. The ones in charge of balance are extremely elitist in nature, and will throw theory at you and will attempt to fit in an insult on your player skill if you question their designs. In fact, one select top GM has engaged in many flame fights with players and had to be told to tone down by their own player forum moderators

GM Corruption
Aside from the unprofessionalism I mentioned above, the GMs have engaged in completely selfish behavior. A while ago, they helped their favorite players and friends by giving them top gears, leveling help, botting programs, and such. Several GMs , include the server owner, created a bot army of 99 trans with top gears to rule WoE. Many veterans quit because of this. There were also other players that were on good terms with GMs and allowed to bot, and given bot exemption from the resident GM bot hunter. The GMs and Players who exposed this were banned and silenced. The Top GM (Debbie), being a longterm bot program writer for OpenKore, created a champ with top gears, auto bot aim lockon, and programs to autoswitch armor and regain asura status at maximum speed. It was reported many times for botting but as it was the GM's own playtoy, it was always claimed to be "legit" by the other GMs. Since then, the leftover helped players are either GMs now themselves or have been given namechanges so they could meld it. Due to this, there are massive amounts of corrupt gear on the server. Due to the utter denial of any wrongdoing, these botted chaacters and equips were never removed. As you can imagine, this caused a massive exodus of veterans

GMs in General
The top 2 GMs give the fascade of being 2 female players who like each other. Pathetically, most of the newer players believe them and constantly support them due to the female status. The owner, GM Debbie was exposed as a male and a RO bot program writer, but anyone who said this was banned too. There are several other GMs, but they generally just cause lag with lame events or massive unorganized summonings.

Nearly nonexistent. Due to custom MVP cards, almost everyone is a soloer. No high level players party except for Lighthalzen and Odin. If you are looking for quality co-op, you won't find it here. Due to the extremely solo nature, WoE is extremely lacking in cooperation even among top tier guilds. People make a lot of 1vs1 classers and very few people play support classes, and fewer play it well

Friendly Server? Hardly
Despite the claims on the front page to remove disruptive players, the GMs actually do very little to stop them, unless they are blatantly yelling racist remarks repeatly. They will let botters and rule violators out if they pay an ad payment, usually with a namechange to prevent repeat reportings too. Hardly any violators will actually be ever removed. Also, they will let players flame at each other but in their own words, they want rivalries as rivalries create more donations for them.

Lag is a constant problem. There are lag spikes everywhere, in PvP, leveling, WoE. You can't complain about this because once you do, tons of people who are in love with the illusion of female game player GMs will flame you hard, and in groups.

Conclusion: I don't really have to make one. Unless you want to throw in some money and get an instant power house character so you can trashtalk, don't join. 


i agree this server turned into a chaotic RO ads MARKET 
1$ ads = 341k zeni  that s al they think about nowadays :/


1$ ads = 341k zeni? 

anyway, thanks for an indepth review.


yep if u go to your forum and look at their sigs u will see things like
buy ads 1$ads/340k zeny :/


To add , just about everything claimed on the front page is false
1) My server is 100% FREE! Most of the servers out there are charging a monthly fee that most of us cannot afford
Wrong. Just about every RO private server is free. To pay for the ads, most high levels players, even though they do not admit it, will be donating. There is also a massive amount of ad fraud, but since it generates the server extra money, they generally don't care unless their advertisers complain.
2) You will rarely lag or get disconnected.
One quick look on forums and you'll realize both are completely untrue. This is one of the laggiest servers I have ever been on. Only when do people actually start leaving, do they use the massive profit they earn on ads to upgrade. And yes, they do make a massive profit. I had people who used to run servers estimate costs for porportion to server size. ARO makes WAY more than that.
3) We only allow the best people on our staff
For those of you who have actually been here, here's what the GM quality looks like
Top 2 GMs - One is an ex botter/exploiter on other servers, one is his elitist theory throwing friend. Both pretend to be females and exploit this (They write how cute the other is, and how "she can strip me anytime") It draws massive sympathy from the usual dumb player. Pure s*** as their identities were revealed. Besides you have to be an UTTER RETARD to believe two girls who like each other run a private game server.
Tech GM - His testing of SQIs include running around with +10 gears and GM stats and finding players to kill in PvP. He is also extremely elitist and takes zero player feedback.
Support GMs - the only decent one left. The others will heavily advertise any work they actually do but in essence most ppl go unpunished. Because they make it a big deal everytime they do ANYTHING, players think they are awesome. Oh yeah plus they are mostly female sprites probably for the same reason as the Main GMs, to draw sympathy.
Ex GMs - Let's see you have the GMs who created a bot army. You have GMs who were dismissed to cover for the head GM's own botting. You have GMs who were fired for exposing this. You have a few sub GMs who were friends with head GM from other server and used it to help themselves.
4) We are proactive in disciplining abusive players
As I said, they don't give a rats donkey. They let them out of prison with more ad payments or if it is dire, they make them pay a heavy fine for a name change. They let abusive rivalries go on until they feel like whipping out some power to make themselves feel better, even though they could have stopped it early

The Forums are a piece of crap by the way. They removed the Search function, Read Last Replies, Read Unread. In essence, it is nearly useless. You can't search for any old useful info (or old rants about corruption). Several players asked to upgrade the forum to a new format that is cleaner and faster running.  When asked by some friends, the head GM just responded that this useless format cost him less money.

Oh by the way, the head GM Debbie recently bought EuphRO a new server. If you didn't hear about it, EuphRO became nortorious as the head GM was using the donation money for his drug fixes while the other GMs didn't really care about problems on the server and were pocketing hundreds a month for themselves. The EuphRO Ex-GM owes money to "Debbie" and now takes advice from him. Once again some ex EuphRO players exposed this to stop this massive scam server from emerging again but they were forum banned as well, even though people who the GM trust to tell have verified this as true.


Yeah animaRo is crap.. i know a heap of people who quit that server because it was so unbalanced and the Gm's were horrid.


ARO sucks, you need to donate loads of cash if you want to be good at anything, and even then there is imbalance.


well its funny that it has like a 40 and so many people play its because they are way lazy to find new s*** and look for better s*** its pathetic that people would stick to a server where you can barly move due to lag
and it isnt due to the dam people 1500-2000 im sick of hearing that s*** its all BULL s***


I've been loyal to AnimaRo for nearly a year now, watching them go through good and hard times.

Yet now, the unfriendliness of the community, is, slowly sapping my strength. I can only help out so many, and yet...



wow. i always knew something was up...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to play animaro o.o

there was this one situation where a guy questioned debbie about something being unfair then she banned him for a reason i didnt think was even true.. anyways. thanks for the info.


I heard that some of the AnimaRO's girl GMs are actually guys in real life.

Loki FortunaRO

Quote from: Senor on Oct 26, 2006, 10:30 PM
Besides you have to be an UTTER RETARD to believe two girls who like each other run a private game server.

While I am in NO WAY defending AnimaRO (I know absolutely nothing about it, being as I'm just a little role-play server owner), I have to refute this comment!  FortunaRO was created by my ex-girlfriend and I!  While I find it absolutely deplorable that people would fake their gender for personal gain, please do realize that lesbians -do- exist... and yes, some of us even play video games!


I'm sorry, but do you have any proof at all? I understand the ad fraud and some other stuff, but most of what you are saying is complete s***.

Question: Ads are open to everyone, so how does that create class imbalance? It doesnt.
Question: Do you know why GTB is implemented? Because if there were no GTB, then there would be no class except IC wizards.
Question: What do you mean by custom cards? +65 Atk is Incantation Samurai, +50% HP is Dark Lord? If that's different for other servers, please explain to me (I sincerely don't know. Anima was my first yea)
Question: Where the hell do you get the proof that the GMs are corrupt?
Question: What other places do you co-op in besides LH3, Thanatos, or the really hard places?
Question: Support classes..? Got any idea how many priests there are in the game? I guess not.

And on final note. "Rats donkey"  ... I've heard that somewhere on the forums, gonna have to look it up.
Posted on: December 11, 2006, 08:01:57 PM
Hm... I got "water dragon" in the topic "havent gone home for 7 years"

Question: If you were water dragon, were you offended by SB's post?


Quote from: MorganFortunaRO on Dec 11, 2006, 11:06 AM
Quote from: Senor on Oct 26, 2006, 10:30 PM
Besides you have to be an UTTER RETARD to believe two girls who like each other run a private game server.

While I am in NO WAY defending AnimaRO (I know absolutely nothing about it, being as I'm just a little role-play server owner), I have to refute this comment!  FortunaRO was created by my ex-girlfriend and I!  While I find it absolutely deplorable that people would fake their gender for personal gain, please do realize that lesbians -do- exist... and yes, some of us even play video games!

Agreed ^_^

But I don't find it hard to believe the animaRO were faking it. But she is right, it does exist.
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I currently play on Anima, having played on iRO a long time ago..

The world and his wife have kaho's, my bf claims to have seen some which were incredibly highly customised today.
Lot's of people are very rude and have no respect for other players. I attempt to help out people where I can, but there's only so much I can take. I had someone ask me for one of my dopple cards today(!).
The ad system creates massive imbalance in the game - I'm in europe, and we can't get ad offers, so we can't get the items unless we spend real money, and the top items equal out to about çž¿150 worth of stuff. I'm not going to spend that amount of the limited funds I have to get gear. Luckily I have some nice friends based stateside who helped me get my gears, and I'm nowhere near superpowered (2 dopples and the morriganes set.) I give a lot of my stuff to people and lend gears and the like to my friends if they need/can use them.
Another problem is that europe based players get timegaps/pingouts/lagouts a hell of a lot more then everyone else.
No server is "free" - they just have to say that, to stop gravity suing them for making a profit. The amount they get in donations a month is probably enough to run the server several times over.
I stay away from the forums because of the amount of petty flaming that goes on. Reports I've done about disruptive players have so far been ignored because of my (probably) low post count on the forums.
I can see how being friends with a GM will work to your advantage. Most GM's will probably give stuff to people. (I wouldn't if I had the knowhow to run me own server, I'm not that much of a geek though.)

At the moment I'm ignoring the bad and playing as much as my boredom threshold (and the goddamn lag.) allows. I do hope it improves though or someone hits most of the players with the clue stick/maturity stick.