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« on: Sep 30, 2008, 03:27 pm »
AlternativeRO (much much different from the "Old" AlternativeRO, which, if any of you know, was a disaster waiting to happen, with the Admins fighting amongst themselves and a whole group of incompetent GMs) is back, and now under the management of a whole new crew.

Some quick info beforehand:

Rates: 1k Blvl EXP / 1k Jlvl EXP / 100 Drop Rate (Meaning 1% Cards)
Max Levels 99/70
Max Stats 99

The admins, while they unfortunately have the "br" tendency to act over friendly and enthusiastic, and at times, just plain annoying, are actually competent and friendly, although not overly active in game.

The server itself is a breath of fresh air for players who've played on "Highrates" (High Levels would fit it better, level 1000s and level 255 servers). It mixes easy levelling rates (1000/1000/100) with the original Levels, which are, unless you're tripping on acid, shrooms, or some other psychadelic substance(s), the best and most balanced level caps to play with.

To tell you the truth, there is little to nothing to distinguish this server from the 999,999 other private servers out there, except perhaps for the unique pairing of "highrates" and "lowlevels", which sets the scene for easy gameplay (not much dreaded grinding until, gasp! you reach the 90s, where the High Orcs just don't satisfy)

PvP...can be exciting (much more thoughtful and tactical than the high speed spamfest that is highrate PvP), although, being a Highrate PK Fan (If any of you Xena Players are out there, It's me Errorbot/Poli), waiting inside the PvP Arena just isn't quite the same as going out into dungeons and opening a can of whoop donkey on some poor guy/girl/transvestite.

I've never played on a 99/70 server that DID have Open PvP in dungeons and fields, and although I'm currently lobbying for it, chances are I will never have the pleasure of experiencing PKing inside a Dungeon on a 99/70 server ever.

The server DOES include:
Endless Tower NPC (although, with the current player population, challenging Endless Tower would be pointless even if everyone banded together)

Satan Morroc (ditto above)

Some...interesting? minigames (The main one is PSN, basically similair to a capture the Spawn Point type game, except you have to destroy Emperiums rather than wait to capture spawn points. The Team that either captures the most spawn points by the end of the game, or completely dominates the other team wins. At least thats what it is on paper, I haven't actually tried it out :\)

And all those helpful NPCs (Healers, Warpers, Bankers, Resetters, and a Basic Shopping Mall. Basically the whole set of NPC's every server has)

All in all, it's a great server for players who want to mantain that classical RO feel, without all the grind. With the current Player Population, things can get a little...lonesome. Hopefully this review has persuaded some people to try out the server, although if not, I can understand. Sorry if I sound like a stuckup donkey or something, but please give the server a shot! I think it's great, and I'm going to stop trying so hard with this review now! Please ignore this last part.

Join AlternativeRO, It'll give you a ride to remember  8)

Jesus Christ, how could I forget! I forgot to add a link, here's a link that will directly bypass all that voting crap and take you to the main site:

Joooin usss  ;D
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