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AethaRO is a 70/70/35, 5x MVP Card server I started to play two weeks ago. At the time, their average population during the day (EST -5GMT) was 100-130. Night-time, around 20-30 due to the majority of players being French-European. In the mere two weeks I've enjoyed myself here, the population now peeks closer to 190 during the day, and averages 30-50 at night. Vendors? Barely 10-15 on average. Server opened December 17th, 2010.

Some key points about the server: WoE-orientated, with around 150-200 headgear available as "Find Me X I'll Give You X[Hat]" quests located in cities. I've 70% completed a guide on locations and items required here.

The server is updated to El Dicaste fields, items, and MVPs. The server is run on NPCs that have been rewritten / rescripted in French.

The server is not available under review at RMS due to the staff preferring to "perfect" things before permitted reviews on the RMS site.

Review Portion

Stability is good. I'm not sure where it's hosted, but I've rarely lagged. The server specs given are:

Hard-Drive: 1 To
Processor:  Core i5 750 @ 2,8 Ghz (Quad Core)
RAM: 8 Go DDR3
Connection Speed: 200 Mb/s

Which is very good. I haven't seen servers with these specs at all really (though, most servers don't even bother to state their machine).

Even during the WoE Peeks (180-190, Saturday&Wednesday), no lag can be felt.

Availability is constantly. No downs in the last two weeks I've been here, and I've only seen one reported down due to an emergency maintenance (or something of the likes). Regardless, maintenances are planned and updates occur often, having seen two in the last two weeks of play.

The Staff are online during the EST day. Not so much the night, as they all appear to be European. They respond quickly on the forum as well, taking less than a few hours normally to answer a post. They're all trained to know where headgear NPCs are, etc. if you ever need to find one, and appear to be well-educated on Ragnarok in general.

The Community consists of, yes, francophones of which 90% won't speak English with you (so if that bothers you, don't even try the server. You'll just be pissing yourself off on purpose). I don't even think the staff speak a decent English, so don't expect support there either. If you're not totally ignorant of Ragnarok installation, etc. then you should be fine. If you know Ragnarok in general, you should be fine. All guilds are francophone (there are many guilds), all NPCs are French, and basically, if you don't like it, don't play. Don't even continue reading this review.

Of those who speak French and would need help, people will show you where NPCs for Platinum Quest Skills (2nd Job; 1st Job is provided by an NPC) are located. They will help you hunt stuff, will trade with you, etc. and most of all - Scarabi Hole / etc. parties. The people here love to party, and love to sell cheap what they find. Speaking of which,

the Economy is bizarre, but in a good way. Everything is dirt-cheap for some reason. Pencil Case, only dropping from Gift Box and having to bring five (5) to exchange for Well-Chewed Pencil, are 1.5-2mil each. +8 Bone Plate [1] is 2.5mil. Emperium is 300k. Wind-Element Katar Unslotted for 2mil. Fireblend and Ice Falchion for 1mil each. Click here for a picture of the market which accounts for barely 10% of the online individuals during the day EST. Not to mention, people put their vendors up while they're NOT playing, so being night in that picture, most of those vendors are gone and only around 7 left by morning EST / afternoon GMT+1. With not much money, you can buy a lot of things. People are constantly announcing via broadcaster what they need, usually Dyestuffs (Chef Hat / fBeret) and Soft Apron (Alice Doll [1]), and you could sell it to them - if you speak French, of course.

WoE Competition is great. Yesterday's WoE, I saw four different guilds take the castle, in which twice times, the guild Mandarai reconquered it, and the guild Mugen no Sora took it back. Two more guilds were there, too, but I can't remember their names. You can view Guild Classment here; Lazy Cats are often in Wednesday's WoE (I believe) while the rest of them, who all are ACTIVE and are RECRUITING for WoE (esp. Rainbow; Infinity Project; Big Bang Theory; What Guild?; and Purple Rain) are in preparation. You can view WoE Screenshots and WoE Rage here.

Class Balance is fine; there are no 3rd Jobs on the server, so it's the basic, untouched methods of Trans to play with. There are many types of classes on the server - no class dominates any other, and I haven't seen a "surge" or over-population of one type of class. If you go in-game, you can see for yourself at Hugel. The server is populated with every class equally - even TaeKwon, etc. This makes for a semi-active PvP and a more interesting WoE. You can see this balance in the PvP Ladder, too, although, like usual, there are plenty of Champs and Sinxs on that list.

Server Pros

- Virtually Lagless
- Updated Server
- 7x Homunculus Intimacy Rate
- Active Staff
- Active WoE & PvP
- PvP Announcer (to get people in to PvP when no one's there)
- Basic NPCs in Every City (Healer; Warper (Town&Dungeon Lvl. 1); Tool Dealer; Guild Kafra; WoE Warper)
- Friendly French Community
- Many Headgear Quests
- Repeatable EXP Quests
- Invasions of Towns by Map-Related Monsters (i.e. High Orcs / Orc Lady / Orc Warrior at Geffen)
- Hidden Poring Event
- Balanced Donations Available From Events / Voting (i.e. EXP Books; Bubble Gum)

Server Cons

- No KS Protection
- No Multi-@alootid
- Ugly Website / Forum

That's about it... If you speak French, you should give AethaRO a shot. My epic (yes, it really is fcking epic man) Amistr and I hope to see you there!