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So, to begin this more in-depth review, I shall post my original review plus the owner's response:

Original review:
QuoteSo, overall, the server has a lot to offer. All the custom headgears have the same effect so, in that sense, there will never be any imbalance. The admin and the current GM team are friendly and answer queries promptly. That's a must. Economy? There is none. All cards (I do mean all) are for sale via NPC. All HG quests have very steep requirements that make it very difficult for solo beginners to accomplish. This is the part that discouraged me.

Owner's response:
QuoteThank you for the review, but it would be really nice if you actually check what you've just written. For one, not all the cards are for sale via NPC. And just because cards are being sold, doesn't mean a server has 0 economy. Quests? You are given a lot of choices on how to get your stuffs. Not just by questing. Plus if you are lazy to start with, why even opt for a quest? Quests are meant for people who enjoys doing it, not for people like you who probably enjoys being spoonfed.

Ok, so, allow me a better review first then I'll answer the owner's points.

As mentioned in my original review, Aeterna is a pretty good, albeit young, server that has the potential to become a great SHR server. All headgears have the same effect so there's no need to worry about imbalances that one headgear might be more advantageous than another. The style of character/equip building is very similar to a server I played on and off from 2013 until its closing over a week ago. Some of said server's players moved to Aeterna, maybe because of it's similarity.

I can't say much about the staff since I've only met two; the admin and a GM. Their replies to in-game questions and queries were informative and prompt.

In terms of what Aeterna has to offer, it has plenty to do. Despite its simplicity, I enjoyed the fishing mini-game (LOL). So, if you enjoy solid super high rate servers, this is a good place to be.

Now, on to address the owner's points in his/her response.
1) Not all the cards are for sale. Well, to be honest, there were too many to take notice if there were any missing.
2) 0 economy. Ok, so, this was a bit unfair on my part. I mean, yes, it's a very young server and, as such, an economy will slowly develope. However, so far, I've only seen 2-3 people selling something, so it's not exactly called an economy.
3) Quests. To be fair, I didn't mention anything about there being a lack of quests or anything of the sort.
4) Why opt for a quest. My complaint wasn't about laziness or being "spoonfed". No. My gripe was all of them in Quest Area 1 being too hard for newbies to undertake, not because of the amount but because of certain items that can be hard to acquire if you're just that, a newbie.

MvPs are naturally boosted to offset the boosted attributes of lv500 characters. That's fine. Granted, there is a newbie package that can help kickstart your journey. However, even with it, killing something as "weak" as Maya can pose a challenge as a newbie. Gotta keep that spamming game strong. Now, I don't mind a challenge but, given that it is a SHR server, there has to be some leeway for some easily quest-able HGs to help you begin your odyssey into said server.

So, score breakdown:
Things to do 9/10
GM helpfulness 9/10
GM friendliness 6/10
Class balance 10/10
Ability to spoon-feed players 1/10 (lol)
Average score: 7/10

In conclusion, the owner's response is supposed to be a way to address a review but I don't think that includes outright calling a reviewer "lazy" or wanting to be "spoonfed" just because of the way said player saw things and the owner not being able to properly handle criticism. All I said was being discouraged at the difficulty for newbies to acquire an initial headgear, especially assuming if there wasn't a newbie package.