AeonRO: Corruption at its finest

Started by Sirona, Jul 26, 2008, 12:23 AM

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Well. I figured I'd post this up since there just isn't enough space on a server review page to go indepth on just how corrupt AeonRO really is. A lot of players have given it high ratings, but the numbers can lie.

While the server has been around an impressively long time, that doesn't necessarily say much for the quality of it. For about three years or so, since the original admin left the server, it has spiraled into a constant den of corruption.

AeonRO honestly has some of the worst GM staff I've ever seen. For example, they play blatant favoritism. Certain players who have been around long get preferential treatment, or players that suck-up to the staff constantly. There is a certain unnamed player who has received a  large number of complaints, but the staff lets him get away with constant harassment of players, even going so far as to say "If he won't listen, there's nothing we can do."

The AeonRO GM team also ignores any server suggestions made by players outside this chosen clique. One player suggested a certain map be added to the Warp NPC, and even with a list of other players agreeing, said map was never actually added even months later.

The new administrator also plays favorites regarding his own personal favorite classes. Certain jobs will receive better custom items or equipment depending on how well he likes the class himself. The extended classes don't even receive -any- items, and the administrator has repeatedly said they never will. This has put extended classes forever at a disadvantage to other classes that gain custom equipment, and gives them nearly no endgame content to strive for where other classes have multiple items.

The GM team is also prone to changing things in game without warning, and even has a forum disclaimer stating that you will be banned if you disagree with any custom made changes. Even slight suggestions are seen as complaints and totally dismissed. GMs will even go so far as to entirely ignore players that try to make a case.

As for the roleplaying side of things. it too leaves much to be desired. While the community -is- very talented in regards to the roleplaying, cliques quickly emerge and if you aren't on the inside--which is common--then you're not likely to find any real plot coming your way. Many new players have said watching the cliques discuss their rp with such fervor it's "scary" and many people tend to get ignored in the IRC due to rampant planning by the insiders.

Finally, players can get banned and have no chance to make a case for themselves. Multiple players have been given "the boot" as it were, even if they weren't at their computers at the time, only coming back to find themselves banned from IRC, forums, and game alike.

I highly recommend finding another roleplaying server. AeonRO might have longevity and a large playerbase, but when it's this terrible none of that really even matters.
Posted on: Oct 28, 2007, 06:20 pm
Today I discovered something about Aeon that I didn't know beforehand.

Today, I uninstalled their software as it was something I hadn't bothered to do in the past. However, upon doing so they have set their installer to remove several critical .dlls from your RO folder, any custom grf information from your DATA.ini file, all itemtables, and your sclientinfo.

It may have removed even more, but I didn't manage to notice what else. Needless to say, this required a full reinstall of not only Ragnarok in general, but of my own server files. BE WARNED that any servers you may play on besides Aeon WILL BE SABOTAGED if you uninstall their software!

The best thing to do is just not play there at all!