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Started by Derby, Mar 10, 2010, 07:35 AM

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I have been playing this server ever since May 2009. Its a great server with loads of custom items obtainable via coins from voting and events :D The rates are balanced which is 350/350/100/10[for mvp cards] Level is 250/120. Even though the server has low population but it is slowly growing and i believe that one day its going to be a greater server. 3rd Jobs are available here and there is going to be custom 2nd Job For Gunslingers/Ninjas i heard to balance the gameplay between 3rd Classes and Gunslingers/Ninjas. There is also going to be some new instances which will require teamwork so its going to be a fun experience playing here. What i am happy about here is that the custom items here are almost half a donation item so Non-Donators can stand a chance against Donators here for fair gameplay. MvPing here is fun as well since the MvPs got buffed so that a player will actually take time to kill it. Its great too with 0.1% drop for MvP Cards so that the server wont be flooding with MvP Cards. PvP in this server is pretty good too as some players always asks other players to pvp. Here's an analysis:

Stability: 10

The server is very stable with almost no errors/crashes at all.

Availability: 10

The server is always up which is great :D

Friendliness: 9

Almost all the players in the server are pretty friendly and likes to help new players around by guiding them/giving them advices/giving them items.

Eventfulness: 8

There are hourly Poring Invasion and almost daily GM Events such as Automated Bomb Poring, Dice, King Of Emperium, Crack the Chat, Hide and seek, Cluckboom, Treasure Chests, Cowring Invasion, Disguise Event, Party vs Party event, Last Man Standing event, Zombie event and some others which i cant really recall which will keep most of the players entertained.

Game Masters
Friendliness: 9

The Game Masters of this server is quite friendly. They are always taking your suggestion into account and helping new players by guiding them around ingame and helping them the best they can.

Availability: 7

The Game Masters are almost always available but of course its not 24/7 xD since they have life as well.

Economy: 8

The economy is pretty fine with no overpriced items which will give new players a chance to get the equipments they need at a decent price.

Guild Competition: 7

Guild Competition is pretty okay with 3 woe's a week. Since they are like only 2-4 guilds fighting each other to get castles its pretty good.

Class Balance: 10

Class Balancing is great. Aegis Fury just implemented the 3rd Job Classes around a month or two ago and it has been balanced nicely with no overpowered skills.

I guess thats almost all of my review with Aegis Fury Ragnarok Online. Its a great server and i hope more players will play here :D

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