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Started by PhoShizzle, May 08, 2010, 08:55 PM

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After playing this server for summer, quitting a year, then coming back, I just have to give some sort of review.

I have to say I agree with Verde. For me, this server was pretty much synonymous with high school. They say there are no cliques, but there is clearly a minority. If you weren't friends with the people on top, expect to just sit around in the main city either doing nothing or making pitiful small talk to other random players.  The sad thing is the people that were part of the clique didn't even really realize it. They were (mostly) friendly people but had influence. They pulled in people they liked.

I use to be one of those minority people until somehow I got involved in these peoples' storyline. But I didn't feel like I was really involved. I was more like a third wheel. It was all about this one person and good vs. evil and all that jazz. My character never really climbed the position ladder any higher than that.

Frankly, I was mad. I wanted to protest and do all that lovely vigilante stuff. But other people before me already had without very good results, and some in a very childish way (ie. Getting back at people, causing OOC drama, being mean). Whether they were nice about it or not they ended up getting banned/hated/flamed behind people's backs. Their arguments usually meet denial from the main people of the server, who don't have a reason to complain. Some arguments were kind of out there, but I have to say most of their rantings were kind of true.

No one really knows, but my time here was infuriating. I felt like I was never taken seriously OOC or IC because of my age, or whatever it was. I never complained openly about it though, because I was sure no one would listen to me and people would just think I was plain stupid. I just tolerated the drama and hoped it would improve, and sometimes it did, only to crash and burn again.

This server probably isn't going to change with just a few new people. It's going downhill unless something is done about it, like the 3 original ST's being reinstated (and certain people really just need to get a grip). I wasn't around at the time but I'm sure they were awesome and I would've enjoyed Advent more with them in charge. I like the friends I've made. I don't really want to quit because I still have hope for the server and the people, because we have had some good times. That and I´m reluctant to join a new server because some of them are no better. I came here to roleplay for fun, and with my time here in Advent, I have failed to do that.