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Started by KevinR, Oct 15, 2016, 11:19 PM

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Hello, so about Total RO, let me first tell you: It's awesome, the community is great, very nice people online at all times of the day.

So I decided to pick up Ragnarok Online again, after about 6 years of inactivity. First I tried to download it through Steam, while the download was completing I googled some stuff about the Steam version, and it seemed to be the fRO server. Which probably would suck for me. A lot of people had complaints about it on the internet, so I canceled the download. And opened RateMyServer.net and searched the Low Rate.

So, I was just checking some pages, until I noticed that Total Ragnarok opened 2 months earlier at the time. Let's check it out, so gone to their webpage, which looks very professional in my opinion. I downloaded the client and created an account. Then I found out that on 1 forum account you can use 10 game-accounts. Which in turn have 9 characters each. So a total of 90 characters is possible. Which is a lot, so I'll be having some thing to do the couple of years  /heh

Anyway about the server:
The rates are perfect for me. The server has 10/10/5 floating rates, and when a certain goal is reached by voting and in-game currency, the server has a 2 hour temporary 20/20/10. So it will double the Base, Job and Drop rates. The MVP drops are just 1.
It's easy to start leveling up a character, while it's rewarding to maximize a character. I am playing a month now, and I made myself an Assassin Cross, which is now level 80/47 at the time I am writing this review.

Well, about the community. The server is steadily growing, and I can see why. The people who are online every day are great, they're helpful to new people, willing to help leveling up. Some are willing to help out by buying you some default equipment. Any questions will be answered.
I like the people there a lot. There is a forum to chat on, including a shout box. People are using the 'Official Total RO' Discord channel to voice chat and text chat each other.

The Client:
The client uses anti-cheat protection from Gepard Shield. Which makes it harder for cheaters, I don't know a lot about this piece of software though. It is possible to use multiple client windows. So once you are a decent level. For example level 70. And you have a priest. You can buff yourself. While selling stuff on a Merchant, and still level your Main character. I do however have no real in-game experience using multiple clients on the same computer. I tried it once to check if it's possible and it worked for me. Some people may find this useful, some others may find this annoying. I don't mind it, it's fine by me.

The Server:
The server is great, the availability of the server is pretty good, just had a bit of downtime yesterday, but once the administrator was notified it was fixed in less than 10 minutes. The server is based in the United States if I remember correctly. I am from the Netherlands myself. The Admins are from the UK, I guess, because the server time is GMT. There was a forum post about where people are from, and most of them were from the United States at that time (?), so that's why they transferred the server to there I guess.
Currently there is a modified Prontera with Halloween elements. Like little ghosts and a purplish glow, because Halloween is approaching. They also made a specific Zombie event with real life prices. If I remember correctly the #1 price will be a Ragnarok Sword keychain set. More info can be found on the forums. Every 30 minutes starts an event. There are currently two different events in the half an hour cycle, one is Dice and the other one is Poring Catch. You can win a Total Ticket with them, which can be used for various things. Like a specific headgear, some use it for usables. Vote points will be rewarded if you have voted for the server, and they allow you to buy Cash Points, or even more total tickets. There is also a @rewards command, which you can activate when you'll play, and that will award you with 1 Reward Point and 1 Loyalty point every hour. Oh and also there is a Roulette. Everyday you get 1 Roulette coin if online for longer than an hour. I was kinda lucky and got the 3rd day playing the Jackpot, which is a 30 DAY TOTAL VIP coupon. Which I used, and now I have more specific warp locations and I can heal for 50% of the normal price. It's a nice feature in my opinion. There is so much to tell about this server, but I think I've written the main stuff now.

The Economy:
Economy is starting to get better currently, in the first few days I started playing stuff was really expensive. But since you earn money rather quickly, it's probably a good price for some things. Though, some Merchants are selling their stuff really expensive, while others sell it dirt-cheap.

I think this will be my review for now, it's 5:14 in the morning here currently. And I am still excited to play more Total Ragnarok, I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I hope I made some stuff clear about the server.
if you can spare the Bandwidth, download the client, and log in. If you enjoy it just the half of mine, you will already be addicted to it :P

Any tips to make the review a bit better, let me know.

Thanks for reading.