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Started by orix1357, Jul 22, 2010, 10:11 AM

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Ten (plus one) servers. Ten experiences with different servers. I've explored a lot of ground as a self-proclaimed "Server Explorer", and as one, I should be telling you my last journey log in Nyuubi RO, the "worst server ever". Well, according to them, that is.

Nyuubi is a high-rate server with rates of 2000x for experience and a certain multiplier for drops, with cards stuck at 2%. One its major assets is their creative team, which has the power to craft custom items with the quality of those seen on official servers. Also, this server is a headgear collector's paradise, as it hosts a vast amount of quests which reward diligent players with official and custom gears alike.

Stability: 9/10
Just like in the servers I've played in, the connection in the server is great, with no hang-ups or even a single hint of position lag. Oh wait, scratch that. After going for a few days of playing, I've experienced some short bursts of lag. If it's server- or client-side is yet to be determined.

Availability: 9/10
The score should have been perfect, but as I started typing this review, the server suddenly shuts down. (I'm waiting for an explanation too.) But aside from that minor hitch, everything's good.

Friendliness: (in-game) 10/10, (forums) 6/10
The community in Nyuubi is one of the most creative ones I've seen, honestly. Many of the users have the power of Photoshop in their hands, and can whip up artworks and even pixel art with the abilities of an experienced digital artist. I'm not sure if their submissions are theirs, though. :p

Now comes the bad part.
I'm not sure if it's the community's fault or the newbies' fault, but it seems that the community is mum regarding welcoming new players. The introduction thread isn't really a sub-forum; rather it's a single thread flooded by posts of returning players. One user even replied to my introductory post that "So far. the only people who really are new and said Hello was Orix. xD" (copypasta'd from http://www.nyuubi-ro.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19&st=500&start=500) Plus, it seems that the forums is somewhat quiet at times. But what can i say? There's just less than 200 people average in the server at a time.

In-game, however, things are kinda different. At the first day, I got myself chatting with a Pally and he is helpful enough to give me 75m. The next day, he asks help from his friends when I find myself stumped when the seasonal event is nearing its closing days and I haven't started. They're not that "hello-on-sight" though, but I think I can manage.

Events: 10/10
They got everything planned out. The advertisements on their website, the necessary announcements, the works. Automated quests are enjoyable, especially when it involves clicking a chicken and watching yourself being showered with status effects or whacking Prontera guards who recently incited a coup d'etat. (Yes, a coup d'etat.) As for their seasonal events, they are created so that the items handed out comes as a rarity after the event period ends, and sometimes can be a pain in the donkey if you find yourself registered a few days before the most recent event ends.

It sucks, does it? I know, right?

GM Friendliness: 8/10
Giving a placeholder 8 here. All I saw from one of the GMs is an AFK one. Yet to see more of the team in the future.

GM Availability: 6/10 in-game, 8/10 in forums
Giving a 7 here, in-game. In the forums, they are more active, as they answer many questions regarding game aspects or just throwing around nonsense.

GM Helpfulness: 7/10
That AFK GM never responded when I didn't understand the words spouting of one NPC's mouth. But what do I expect? He's AFK. Luckily, GM Stussy is at most always all the time in the forums.

Economy: 7/10
It's very easy to make money here, just as long as you're in your final class. Nekorings (cat-like Porings) drop Gold at a high chance and people would farm where it usually roams around to build up some cash.

Well, they need it, because it is equally easy to burn money here. The current seasonal quest can cost you more than 100m zeny.

Guild Competition: 8/10
Giving it a placeholder 8. Yet to check out the WoE forums.

Class Balance: 8/10
I can pretty much say that my kind of class, the Expandeds, are severely downplayed here mainly because of the Third Jobs. Sometimes, you'd be advised by the more experienced ones to make a Shadow Chaser (a Third Job Rogue/Stalker) for one's farming needs.

Minimum: 78/100
Maximum: 84/100

Current Status: Forums and Server are active.

EDIT: Will expand more on the coming days.
Has played in: aeRO, heRO, OracleRO, ReboundRO, AriaRO, IntenseRO, VastRO, LuminaRO, AerialRO, NyuubiRO and PumpkinRO.