A review of Everlasting Odyssey RO (eo-RO)

Started by Angra_Mainyu, Jul 21, 2013, 09:59 PM

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I would like to show a quite lot review playing at Eternal Odyssey RO (eo-RO):

1. What is eo-RO?

A low rate server. technically, it's 5/5/5 rate and customed drop rate for MVP cards. The server doesn't have Warper or Job Master, and encourage us to travel with Kafra and do the job change from official quests. A great server at a glance

2. Server's performance

Server is mostly available at most of time. In my case, I never experienced that the server went offline due to crash or other technical issues like Maintenance.

About lags and all, mostly comes from my ISP's fault. The lags from servers is seldom happened.

3. Community

This was my main issue on this server. The community is dead. I begun to wonder why 89 people who logged in at game, has none speaking at #main channel nor to play BGs. I wonder if the player at eo-RO was like Kirito that doesn't want to interact with people and busy on building for themselves? What a nice community..

At the matter of GM, this has no different. So far I logged in at game, none has shown up. Be it Cookie as server owner, nor Reality that has been recommend the server to me or maybe other GMs that I would expect to shown up.

4. Others

The server has "GM Public Log". It shows what commands has been issued by GMs and why the commands why is used. This is a great way to maintain players' trust to the GMs. However, the logs will only updated every 24 Hours. Which in my opinion, it will give enough time for every GMs that would do corruption actions can alter their logs (either delete the associated actions or edit it).

5. Final Words
eo-RO actually a great server but had a lot trouble in it's community. In my opinion, if you are about to play at this server, bring some Real World friends to play with you. Otherwise you won't talk for almost an hour in the server.

That's all for my review and bear with my bad English. Thanks