A PoisonRo Review

Started by LillySno, Aug 19, 2009, 02:15 PM

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This has been an interesting experience, to say the least. The GMs have all joined one guild on legits causing WoE to become imbalanced due to all the GMs joining one guild together, which causes other players to all horde to that guild to be around their favorite GM. The customs are nice, but the donations and LoL customs make the economy chaos. A lot of cards/gear/items/skills were nerfed, some for the better, others weren't too good. the classes are not balanced. you can max everything.

This is a very interesting server, and I intend on staying. I would like to see it grow, the Admin, Sho & Kitsune, are very hard workers.
and Kitsune is a very nice person, I had the chance to sit and talk with her a bit, I'd like to see her server expand, I see a lot of potential for poisonRo.

As a Ragnarok Online vet. I feel that having knowledge of other servers, good and bad is important, many I've visited left a bad impression on me, some, I didn't even stay five minutes before leaving..
but this is a very fine Server, the GM's can be rude sometimes, but its all part of their jobs, not to be rude, but to be the acting authority.

some players are extremely rude, however if you ignore them, they tend to shut up.

it has come to my attention that many of the players feel that the gm's being in one guild together make them unhappy, and that gm's shouldn't even join a guild with legits.

when I GM'd way back-when, we didn't  join guilds on legits, nor were we allowed to let people know it was our legit.
but as interesting as my story there is, I should remain on topic.

Kitsune, and Sho have put a lot of time and work on this server.

its always available unless it's being updated, an update is prepared once a month [to my knowledge]
and Gm's are always available.

Key features

This server has a lot to offer with features
some you would have to play to understand

The LoL [Lobby of Legends] feature is very interesting, and extremely hard without the right equipment.
Crazy Boris- an interesting npc allows players to play Russian roulette with the npc for a chance to win prizes.

Customs shop- for 350,000,000z  you can buy any of the customs listed within the shop.

the gold room has an interesting way of things, unlike other servers the gold room does NOT drop gold.
in fact it drops gold BOXES, which do not contain gold, but however contain zeny. a very keen way to gain zeny.

They have PvP,  and @ commands, commands such as @warp, @go, and @dye. These are only 3 of the many commands a player receives.

my entire time here the past week week 1/2 - 2 weeks, has not been all fun and games.
I have had a few unwanted things happen.

a few GM's  have been extremely rude to me as a player, however I look past this. The Gm's do not take favoritism, 98% of all complaints I've received from other players have been still to revolve around WoE 2.0 and the guild with nearly every GM in it.

this hasn't bothered me, I enjoy the players in this guild, however it still poses an issue, for the balance of WoE.
[name removed by poster] for future reference please keep your comments to your self,  players do not need to be put down by a GM even when on their alternate/legitimate characters.

The GM's Nyks, Adjulex, Wolf, Simca, Father Brain, Wikebine. as far as I know these are the GMs.
they are kind, and rude, comedic, and serious. they take their job well and importantly they value it.

they treat the server like a family and are prepared to ban, jail, or mute any player even if it were their friends.
this is a good feature for GM's and a rare one, most GM's would take a favoritism for their friends and let them by with things.

before I run-on I like to keep things simple, so without further ado, I will end my review with a simple.

this has been a very intoxicating experience. and I would love to see this server expand more.

Thank you for your time, and Good Luck PoisonRo.
Further modifications will be made in the future to continue to reflect my opinion on the server.
My sister will soon reply with her side of the review, so please enjoy hers as well. <3


My first day on PoisonRO was eventful, I was introduced to a number of players and was brought into a guild with very friendly and active members.

Leveling started out fast and plateaued  to 1 lvl per 2-3 kills in the Tainted Sanctuary map. Due to their reset system, leveling became tedious and boring due to the same leveling patterns and I was actually discouraged to level.

Although I am not a big fan of allowing every player to attain max stats, on PoisonRO, it pushes players to think on what cards, weapons, and armour they need to hunt for to stand out on top. But, recently, many skills and items were weakened and classes are completely imbalanced.

The economy is pretty much out of whack, I say that it is due to the Gold Room, I have never been a Gold Room fan. And the unlimited ammo feature is quite annoying as well. Many merchants overprice to the extreme.

Events are fun although it depends on who runs them. Player-held events are hard to attend and enjoy due to players acting out and misbehaving.

Guild Competition is fierce, rivals, enemies and alliances are established and battled over. Guild Siege is an intense time and anyone who is anybody is on during Siege.

Commands include @warp, which I love, it makes farming and gathering materials very easy. The edge at making it a little more challenging is that @whereis does not show the coords of the mob being looked up. Eliminating straightwarping to MVP's and such.

Social aspects of the server, there are a ton of butthole player, for lack of a better word, in the game and on the forums. It seems as if it is there job to harass people and it's over excessive. There are however a whole lot of players that are wonderful and chatty and love to be involved in guild siege leveling parties and quests and are very helpful.

The GM team has a few of it's golden eggs, but the black ones outweigh those. I know of only a handful of GM's that actually do their job without being an overbearing power hungry fiend. They are amazing and wonderful. They answer questions, help with problems, chat with players and and continue to do their job.
other GM's log on and the instant power hungry flaunt begins as players crowd around the GM(Usually admins) like urchins and the admins shoot out "I art higher than thous."

Alot of hypocrisy is on the GM board that needs to be weeded out.  Rules are too lenient with some GM's and strict as hell with others, make your GM's uniform. I do like that the GMs dont mind showing that they are willing to ban their friends if they are acting out. But the bad outweigh the good. Most of the GMs are just there to flaunt their power and that is not the operation of a GM.

In closing, the only parts I can say are worth it are Guild Siege, social interactions and a few events if ran by the right person. This is viewed as a semi-hardcore causal player.

I am pretty sure that the admins can make poison into something better, but as of right now. I would only log on to chat, attend an event, throw an event or Guild Siege. That is...if a GM wasn't their flaunting there power.

I give PoisonRO a 5/10

You have alot of room for improvements, number one on the list is finding/training your GMs to be better.
Number two is to find balance between the classes and finally is to penalize gunslingers and archer0classes for the ability to have infinite ammo or at least disable infinite ammo.

When I come back to Poison, I hope that it looks different.


OV's gone now but their damage still stays :<


We don't need guild name or abbreviations thrown out. we left those out for a reason, thank you.

I will be editing, and adding on to my review in september.