A MoonlightRO Review.

Started by King Ufuoot, Aug 25, 2011, 07:34 AM

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King,why do you say that we're lieing,and that we should stop lieing?We are the ones who are not lieng and like I already said,THIS IS NOT A REAL "REVIEW".You just wrote it because you are ANGRY/b],because you really enjoyed playing mRO,and now you got banned.So why are you lieng?This Topic should get closed,and you should stop lieng.You say that you're 23 Years old,and you act like a little kid,who lost his balloon,and who is angry because it's not going to get another balloon.You just wrote it because you were angry.

So my solution for this Topic:

Close,or delete it.


Okay, topic reported to RMS Forum Moderators.


Quote from: Dead on Aug 26, 2011, 03:43 PM
Okay, topic reported to RMS Forum Moderators.

Thank you.

Thread locked.

If absolutely necessary, the discussion can continue in Rant & Rave. If not, please do so through PMs.

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.