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Started by hypnotechreap, Aug 29, 2011, 07:32 PM

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       I felt that the RMS Review box didn't really have enough characters for me to actually express how I truly feel about this New Server. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of what Heaven-RO is really about and making you'll make the great decision in joining this epic server. So let me go ahead and start on this review. (Forgive me if it's really long. I just want everyone to know what it has to offer. :]  ) Let's start with...

Stability: Now, I've played many RO's before I came across this one. All were okay but nothing I was truly looking for. They all had Stability problems because of too many different opinions from the players caused them to have unstable classes, customs, and overall an unstable server. Heaven was different. They knew right off the bat how to have a completely stable system going and it's working great so far. Let's move on with...

Availability: There's not much to say except, this server has no downtime whatsoever. It has never gone down once. Not even for a second. I personally like this because let's say I can't sleep and I want to play a some Heaven RO at 5am and there's downtime? Me = HURT. So having 24/7 up-time is a plus in my eyes! Moving on with...

Community: The people at Heaven-RO you ask? One of a kind. You may read reviews that say "Great Community. Willing to help other" but then when you log in for the first time and ask for help, everyone just ignores you and keeps to themselves. Yeah, uhh not with Heaven. As soon as you log in you get welcomed. You FEEL welcomed as well. You ask for help and you get replies. Not ignore. Not A reply. Replies. Don't believe me? Go check it for yourself. Give me some zeny for being right as well. ;] haha. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh The Events. oh oh oh oh oh. YES. Alright so, you play the server your on. It's cool. It's fun. They got automated events. It's okay. Gives you something to do while you sit bored in town but even the events get boring. Why? The prizes are LAME. Heaven has a variety of events that well, for lack of a better term, DON'T SUCK. They're fun, addiciting, and give prizes that are actually helpful. Not like "Oh, cool I got a cheque. That's pretty useful..I guess..." I mean like, "HOLY $#!^ this prize is going to help me buy the custom donates they have!" (which I will get into later). Yeah, the prizes are orgasmic. Alrighty next on the list is...

Game Master(s) Review: I have to tip my hat to these guys, Syntax, and Syron. They have made an incredible server! Wait hold on I forgot the caps. INCREDIBLE SERVER! Much better. Yeah, you know they put in a lot of time, hard work, and patience into the server. They truly care for they're players and aim to make everyone happy and to have a great server. They are ALWAYS on. Helping players, answer questions, fixing, and improving. Listening to the community's suggestions and putting them into action. I think I speak for everyone on the server when I say, Thanks guys. You've done great. Keep up the Golden stuff.

Gameplay review: Phew! Finally. The last topic to cover. In game awesomeness. Now besides having the great community that we have and the great GM's, we also have INTENSE (there I go with the caps again xD) PVP and WOE action! Before I get into the Juicy details of that, let me first bring up the Customs like I said I would earlier. The Customs are both Uber looking and balanced to the max. There are NO flaws in them. Trust me. I've checked. I've checked twice. No, three times. No..well, you get the idea. But wait! That's not the best part. Yes, are you ready? ALL. DONATES. AND. CUSTOMS. ARE. OBTAINABLE. FOR. FREE.![/u] Yes! I said it. That GOLDEN word. That word we all love. FREE! Everything is Zeny and KCP based. I know you just orgasm'd right now. Go ahead. Take a minute to clean up and come back to read more. I'll wait...OKAY. So, you remember those golden prizes I talked about earlier? YES! They are actual KCP points to allow you to save up and buy Customs! Now, that's a prize we all can enjoy. Okay okay so the moment all you PvP and WoE-aholics have been waiting for. PvP has capital 'A' Action! Non-stop booty raping sessions! All day. Your bum will be sore by the time you get out of the arenas! Now my favorite part of the server. War of Emperium. Wait for it...wait for it...One Castle WoE! ASDFGASDG! You know what that means right? ALL OUT WAR BETWEEN ALL GUILDS FOR ONE CASTLE! I skeeted. Give me a sec to clean up...kay. So umm. Yeah. If action is what you crave, this WoE will satisfy your NEEDS.

Overall: Most servers have both Pros and Cons. You wanna know what Heaven-RO has? Pros. Yeah, no cons. This server is everything I look for in a server. Awesome staff, Great People, Fun events, Intense get up out yo' chair PvP and WoE action, and an overall stable server. C'mon guys. Go search it up! Heaven is but one click away! I hope I made very clearly just how excellent this server is and hopefully you will make the final decision to join it. You won't regret it. I promise you won't. Hopefully I see many more of ya in game. This has been a Hypnotik Review.

Overall Game Rating: 10/10

Enjoy the server everyone. 


Jesus Christ, i literally LOL'd while reading this.

Its going to sound more like an advertisement than a review but thanks for the kind words  :o


Well, bro the server is awesome. I can't find anything wrong with it. Trust me. I tried looking but everything is perfect man. You guys went waaaay beyond my expectations. Sorry for the typo's tho. I was kinda in a rush. Had to go to the bank before they closed. :| Anyway, excellent server bro. Keep it up!